freeform lariat necklace

copyright 2007 Susan Whitlock

Free Crochet Patterns

©2003 Susan M. Whitlock

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 Crocheted Freeform Lariat Necklace

©2003 Susan M. Whitlock

Materials: Use whatever type of thread that you prefer. I used thin crochet thread and also thick sewing machine thread and for one I used regular knit-cro-sheen crochet thread. You will also need between 100 to 150 beads (depending on how long you want the lariat to be). I used a #11 steel crochet hook to make mine.

Basic Instructions: The instructions for the lariat are just to show you the basic way I made the lariat...there are no set rules or patterns as it is freeform and you just work it out as you crochet.

Pick the main thread color (for some I picked variegated lavender and for one plain pink)and then string on at least 100 beads (whatever kind, color and size you want). You may not need all the beads you string on, but it is better to put on more than you need than to run out. Keep the beads behind the work, catching each new bead as you work. Now start the main string by making a slip knot (leaving a long tail for finishing). Now begin by making a chain ( you will be able to work through the ch's later with other stitches)...{I worked about 7 ch's then brought up a bead and then worked about 2 to 3 ch's then brought up another bead}. However, you can work the beads on as close together or far apart as you wish. Work this way until you have a long string about 40 to 50 inches long (or longer if you wish). Once you get to the end, turn your work. Now sl st through the 2nd ch from the hook and start working sc's through the ch's. I didn't keep my work straight (that's the fun...anything goes!), I would work a few sc's then every so often I worked a little flower. FLOWER: Chain 5, sl st through 2 ch from hook, 3 sc in each of next 3 ch's, sl st back into the sc where you started the ch 5 from. As I worked I would turn the piece so it twists and looks like a vine with flowers when you are done with the lariat. Sometimes I skip a ch or put more than one sc in a ch. Continue in this manner to the end and then break off (leaving a long tail for finishing).

Now I use a very thin thread for a more delicate look (in a green color for the leaves and stem). Attach where you broke off the other color (leaving a long tail for finishing). Start working so it turns out looking like a vine with leaves. I started with a sc, hdc, 2 dc, hdc, sc over next 2 sts. Then change and work a couple of sc over each st. Then change and work hdc, ch 1, dc (or 2 dc), hdc, sc in the next st. Just keep working in this manner (remember to be free with the stitch working them the way you can always rip some out if you don't like the way it looks). As you work you can twist as you go or just keep it straight. Once you get to the end you will break off again (leaving a long tail for finishing). Once you are done you will weave the long ends back through the stitches to hide them.

Lariat necklaces are great can wear them in many different ways. You can take the long piece and double it then pull the two ends through the loop. You can tie it and even use it for a belt if you made it long enough. You can add a ring on the end and slip the other end through the ring. I hope you will enjoy making and wearing the crocheted lariat necklaces.