crocheted beads necklace

copyright 2007 Susan Whitlock






Copyright Susan M. Whitlock

Materials: Knit-Cro-Sheen in the color of your choice. Steel crochet hook # 7. Some sort of small charm (this could be a found item---such as something saved from a broken earring or necklace) with a hole in the top.

Basic Instructions:

Ch 12 (or length you need to fit the charm through as this will be the slider loop for the charm to go through), sl st to the 1st ch to form a ring; Ch 1, 16 sc in ring---loop made.

*ch 3, work puff stitch bead by pulling the last st out around two eights of an inch or so (whatever works so that you will be able to work back through the last ch)---thread over the hook then put the hook back through the last ch---three or four times---then thread over and through all the loops on the hook ((puff stitch bead made)), cont. from * until you have the length you need ((you will have at least 30 beads worked by this time---more if you want the necklace longer)).

Then work ch 3, hook through the hole of your charm and sc, then go back to *and cont. from until you get back to the loop you made to begin with. Sl st back into the loop at the beginning ch. Break off and weave in all the loose ends.