Susan's Creative Designs


 Free crochet patterns, denim designs, artwork and dollhouse miniatures. 

My free crochet patterns include designs for seashells, angel fish, dolphins, sand dollars, star fish among others.  I think the highlight is my hummingbirds, they work well for plant pokes or maybe a mobile.  There are also some button necklaces and or jewelry and crochet pets to put over a button on a blouse or shirt.  Also a few patterns for Christmas ornaments that are crocheted.

There are photos of some of my freeform crochet work along with some instructions for some of the freeform creations.  There is a lariat necklace which has the general instructions as to how it was made. 

When I was designing items made with old denim jeans I kept sort of a journal.  There are other patterns and ideas as well for using the jeans instead of throwing them out.  I hope you will find these useful ... some of them are quite fun to make.

I have a few items for dollhouse miniatures also.  There is a printie of a little tiny 1/144 scale adobe roombox that is fun to make.   You just print it out onto card stock cut it out and put it together.  There are photos and simple instructions for this project.  There is also instuctions how to make a little tiny 1/144 scale geisha girl doll using a price tag holder.