Superintendent's Page

It is an honor and a privilege to serve this community as Superintendent of Schools. Hudson is a town that strongly supports education and a community that demonstrates its support of youth and learning through the excellence of its public schools and the many community programs that engage children of all ages. Our school system has a long history of focusing on the education of the whole child, a concept that is deeply ingrained in the District's values, programs, and core instruction. 

Today we are focused on educating our students to be ready for the increasingly competitive and complex environment that awaits them after high school graduation. This generation of students will truly experience the "global challenges" of the work place, in a more competitive higher education environment,  and as participants in a society that will demand greater literacy skills and higher-level skills in science, mathematics, engineering and technology. A program of instruction that readies them for these global challenges must begin in pre-kindergarten and build continuously through graduation. Our teachers and staff are now building a written and cohesive curriculum that incorporates newly adopted state standards with a 21st century focus. We are building a program of literacy instruction from the ground up- an emphasis on literacy in every classroom, PK-12, that will prepare our students with the reading, writing, listening, speaking, and critical thinking skills demanded by their futures. We are continuing to build our curriculum in sciences, math, engineering and technology with the goal of better preparing our students for college and careers. 

We continue to offer a balanced and well-rounded education for all of our students with excellent opportunities and programs we are proud of in the visual and performing arts, athletics, clubs and extracurricular activities. We are increasing our emphasis on wellness and wellness education, and our programs in character education continue to be exemplary.

I am excited about the future of our school system. We have an incredible staff, challenging goals, and the desire to make our school system an even better place to learn and achieve. The more you know about what is happening right now in our schools, the better you will know the high quality of education our students receive. The more you know about what is changing right now, with our increased focus on the rigor and relevance of instruction, the more you will see the Hudson Public Schools that is ready for the future, preparing our students to excel in their lives today and in their futures tomorrow. 
Kevin M. Lyons, Ed.D.

155 Apsley Street Hudson, MA 01749     978-567-6100  
Our Vision

In partnership with families and community, we will maintain standards of academic excellence, preparing all students to be intellectually curious, academically confident, and successful active citizens in a competitive and global environment. 

Our Goals

  1. Continuous Improvement of Student Achievement
  2. Continuous Improvement of a Safe
    and Supportive Environment
  3. Increase Parent and Community Engagement
    with Our Schools
  4. Continuous Improvement of Health and Wellness
  5. Increase the Clarity of Strategic Direction and Continuously Improve Infrastructure

Our Core Values:

v  We believe in addressing the needs of the whole child, fostering students’ intellectual growth, cultural competency, creativity, and wellbeing.

v  We believe in rigorous academic standards, a challenging curriculum with service learning opportunities for all students, and high expectations for students’ ethical, civic, and social development.

v  We believe successful instruction is student-focused and that it addresses the individual’s unique needs and talents.

v  We believe in the potential of all students to grow continuously and to develop the critical thinking skills, independence, and personal responsibility required for success in school, career, and life.

v  We believe that every educator is an active contributor to a community of learners focused on continuous improvement.

v  We believe schools, families, and the community working together can provide the best opportunity for our students to be academically successful and contributing citizens.