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I am a medical doctor (University of Calcutta) who has done PhD in Biomedical Engineering from IT,BHU, Varanasi.  Currently I'm Dean (Academics and Student Affairs) and Professor (Health Informatics) at IIHMR, Delhi. Previously, I was leading a Project of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, as the Project Director for the Centre for Health Informatics of the National Health Portal (NHP). I'm an Expert Adviser for the ELAG (e-Learning Advisory Group) of SNOMED-CT.
have been the Founder and Director of Supten Institute (offering online courses on health informatics) and a Visiting Professor in Health Informatics at Bangladesh Institute of Health Sciences, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  I have been the Founding Director of CAL2CAL Institute, a faculty member with the Manipal Group, IIT Kharagpur, Amrita group and PSG group. I had done my Post-doctoral Fellowship at the Machine Intelligence Unit of Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.  My areas of expertise are in Requirements analysis and management in Healthcare information technology, e-learning; medical journalism and clinical decision support systemsAddress: T-12, Jains West Hills, Sowripalayam Road, Udayampalayam, Coimbatore 641028.  

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Professional Roles:
IMA Honorary Professor [2017-2020], Indian Medical Association
President, Indian Association for Medical Informatics (IAMI) [2016]
International Expert Member, eLearning Advisory Group (ELAG), SNOMED-CT
Chairman, Committee for reviewing comments and revising Concept Note on National eHealth Authroity (NeHA), , Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India  
Member, Project Review and Steering Committee, Indian NRC for SNOMED-CT, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India  [2014-]
Member, Expert Committee on Implementation of Electronic Health Records Standards, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India [2013-]
Member, Expert Committee on Electronic Medical Records Standards, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India [2010-2013]
Chair, and Chair, Education Committee, HL7 India [2011-13]
The Vice President, Indian Association for Medical Informatics [2011-13]
Some achievements highlighted at FAIMER site: A, B, C,D
International Advisory Board Member: International Journal of User-Driven Healthcare
Editorial Board Member, Computers in Biology and Medicine (2012)
Immediate-Past Editor-in-Chief, Indian Journal of Medical Informatics (2007-2010)
Former (Founder) Editor, ACM SIGHIT Record [2011] - the Newsletter of ACM Special Interest Group on Health Informatics
Formerly, Editorial Board Member: Mental Health and Physical Activity (2008-2010)
Formerly, the Chair, Editorial Council, Citizendium (2008-2009)
Former Coordinator of HL7 ELC from HL7 India.
Member, International Educator Advisory Board, Global Education Conference 2011 Role: Wiki Curator - Teachers
Wiki Buddy at WikiEducator
Member, National Organizing Committee of NCHPE-2009 ; NCHPE-2012
eIndia 2011 Keynote Speaker / Bio-skecth ;
SAB Member, NCMI-2012
eIndia 2011 Speaker / Video

Some notable publications:
My Letter (2010) at Education for Health
My (2010) paper on medical education: IJME
Lecture on how to design e-Learning for medical education at Supercourse or here
Lecture on Wiki and LMS at Supercourse or here
At PubMed

Bangla Translations
WHO definition of Health at Supercourse
TED Translator

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