S  u  p  r  i  m  a  v  e  r  a

Susan Anderson

A n d e r s o n   S u r f a c e  D e s i g n




   Original watercolours converted into hand done silk embroidery, custom made to your design and colors.


Blue Rain in silk

The begining of the Seasons usually is given to Spring, known as primavera in Spanish or Latin.

"The most superb and commanding flower which the garden holds" wrote Alice Harding in 1917 doyenne of American peony growers.

 I photograph these images and translate them into watercolours, giving them a unique texture.



 Each  watercolor image is painted in a format of

18" x 24" or  12" x 16"


Orange Flower in silk


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  E-mail: Suprimavera@gmail.com


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