Waveshare board with 800x480 LCD and all my previous demo and more

Here we are ... again ;)

I put all my previous work in the ''Discontinued'' part of the site for those who want access it.
My actual material is the Open429I-C board from Waveshare Electronics.
I show you on other page how to get more memory on the Core board.

Added to this Board i get a 7" Screen with a 800 x 480 pixels resolution.

And for audio i just get 2x Analog Test Board (One per DAC)
Analog Test Board
For read/Write SDCard , i use the same board as i used in my previous project.
Now i have everything i need for a good start :)
As usual i started first to add memory on the board , i have now 24Mb in total (8Mb original).
The next step was to made a better driver than the one delivered from Waveshare , i have then take the previous i made and
adapted it for this LCD and it work very well.
Here are some pictures from my usual demo program.
Clear screen test for see how fast the thing can go (DMA2D)... here we clean 507 times the screen in 4.5sec , that give us approx. 112 frames per seconds ... not bad :)

The line test is good too with 6381 lines per seconds !

Filled Rectangle speed depends on the rectangle size (it's random in the demo), here i got little more than 1000 filled rectangles per seconds ....

New in this driver is the JPG image decoder , it take the *.jpg from SDCARD and show them to screen ...

Like filled rectangles or all other filled surfaces , the speed depend on the size off the surface , here the circles are done at 1164 per seconds ...

and 1330 filled Ellipses per seconds.

Non filled Rectangles , Circles and Ellipses are allot faster ....

Put single pixels on screen is slower than fill rectangular surface , here is direct access to memory (not DMA2D like filled rectangle) but it give a good amount of
like 740.000 pixels per seconds ;)
The WII Joystick driver is still there and work perfect ....

With bigger resolution i can made more Julia fractals on screen :) ... beautiful ...

Maps and Sprites are included too.

Sprites transparency colour over Maps ....

Now the very news on my driver is the use of a PS2 Keyboard with the ability to change the layout on the fly.
The programmed layout are : US , French , German , Italian , Belgium , UK and Spain keyboard.
It's a port from the Geoff Graham Maximite source code i converted for STM32. " Geoff Graham "
The use off a USB Mouse was random , sometime OK sometimes not ...
A PS2 mouse where we just use Data and Clk pin for send and receive was random too , i just then program a little stm32F0xx cpu that i put into
a mouse lying around and created a communication protocol to speak with my main board , and it ... work :)

For the audio i converted the Amiga Module player i made previously , it work now with the two DAC output , those are directly connected (though a 10k stereo potentiometer)
to the two Analog test board.We don't get HiFi with this little audio board but for testing is perfect ...

Now i have allot of work to clean up all my code.
Next time i will probably made a video and post the code on this site ....

Fabrice Muller (2015 02 12)