This page is for families I have worked with to share their experience. Thank you again for allowing me the honor of assisting you and your family during such a miraculous time in your lives!!! Please email me your testimonials and they will be added to this page. Feel free to include any pictures you want to share.

April 1, 2019

The ladies at the Natural Birthing Center were so amazing. I recently moved to the area at 35 weeks pregnant and they were willing to accept me so late in the game. Sandra was attending another birth when I went into labor so Ashley was my primary midwife for L and D. She was so amazing! The cord was wrapped around my sons neck and she new exactly what to do. She stayed calm the entire time, reassuring my husband and myself. I had a small tear and she took the time to discuss options with me. I ended up choosing to get a few little stitches and I've never had a smoother healing process! I have a two children before in a hospital and I was down, and taking mild pain meds for a good week or so after. I only took 800mg total during this recovery period. It was amazing!

At first I was a little apprehensive delivering outside of a hospital with a midwife. But I trust them just as much, if not more than the random nurses who happen to be on shift at the hospital and a Dr. that only shows up to catch the baby. These are trained midwives! They know what to do and they WANT to be there for you and your baby. You really get to develop a trusting relationship with the person delivering your child and it's a very wonderful and special experience. I can't recommend Ashley and the women at The Natural Birthing Center enough!

~The Brothers Family~

Ashley was amazing! Throughout the entire experience, she was there. She helped keep me and my husband strong and she provided so much support from beginning to end. Without her, I don't think I could have had the natural birth that I wanted. She was always easy to reach via email, text, and/or phone call. She answered all of my questions and even provided support with things that she didn't have to help with, like all of my breastfeeding questions as a first time breastfeeding mom! I was really impressed with how much Ashley helped us. I would definitely recommend her to anyone! -V. Love

Ashley was an awesome doula – just what we needed. Taking on a client who is a health care provider can always present in a challenge and Ashley took it on without flinching. She helped to calm my “know-to-much-itis” during our prenatal meetings. She presented us with literature so we could form our own opinions and choose the best options for our child.

During labor, she was a huge comfort to my husband who felt very lost in the shuffle initially. When Ashley arrived, he knew she would guide him and help him to know if he was doing the right thing. My birth was a fairly quick one and I had my eyes closed much of the time, but I remember Ashley’s voice in my ear encouraging me to go on; directing me on how to push to be more productive.

When Emory was crowning, she took James’s place behind me so that he could see his daughter come into the world. She stayed afterwards to help us with the first latch. That helped a lot because no one was around to assist with breastfeeding until the next day.

When she came to our house (way out in Charles City) she helped us out with breastfeeding again, just to make sure I had it right. We talked about the birth and she filled in the gaps.

I have already recommended Ashley to friends because she is there for what you need and she knows that each woman and her family will be different. -M.Keller