Doula Services

~Birth Doula Services~

As your doula, I will strive to be available as often as possible prior to your labor/birth. During your labor and birth, I will be with you without any interruption. I will remain with you for a short while after the birth of your baby to help adjust and initiate breastfeeding. After I depart, you are free to call at any time if you have any questions/concerns or just need to talk. I will come to your home around 3 days postpartum for a follow-up meeting to discuss your labor/birth, how everyone is adjusting and any other concerns you or your partner may have. Here is an outline of my pregnancy/birth services:

  • minimum of 2 prenatal visits (more if needed)
  • attend at least one prenatal appt. with your PCP (if desired)
  • unlimited phone/email correspondence
  • provide you with factual information regarding your labor/birth choices
  • upon determining your labor has started, I will decide with you when and where you would like me to meet you
  • if delivering in a hospital, I will be there the entire time through your labor/birth
  • if delivering at home, I will be there when you are ready for me to be, I will help you decide when would be a good time for my arrival
  • if medical intervention is presented, I will assist you in obtaining the correct information needed for you and your partner to make an informed decision on how to proceed
  • support and advocate for the decisions you and your partner make about your birth
  • suggest positions and comfort methods and techniques to help the progress of labor
  • provide physical and emotional support and encouragement to you and your partner
  • help you stay as close as possible to your birth plan
  • assist you with initial breastfeeding (if desired)
  • visit you at your home 3 days postpartum
  • continue to provide unlimited phone/email correspondence
  • visit you in your home 7 days postpartum (as needed)

~Postpartum Doula Services~

As a professional Postpartum Doula, I come into your family's home after the birth of your baby to help facilitate the adjustment period. I offer to do various household tasks and offer support to the whole family with primary focus on the new mother. I am there to encourage and educate the family on taking care of a newborn, assistance with breastfeeding (if desired) and the overall help with transitioning into a new family unit. Here are ways that I offer support:

· help with breastfeeding

· help with infant care including bathing and changing the baby

· help with umbilical cord care

· laundry

· meal preparation

· light housework

· running errands

· attending Dr. appts/outings

· fielding visitors

· helping with older siblings

· of course, a listening, experienced, and compassionate ear