Birth Services

~Prenatal Care~

Prenatal care is one of the largest components of midwifery care. It is so exciting to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time, to get to know the client and their family, to watch a woman grow into a mother. Prenatal care is a nurturing and intimate time to talk about all aspects of pregnant life. From how the baby moves, to the aches and pains, from the joys and the struggles, prenatal care is a time for you to focus on this unique journey of pregnancy. And of course, it is a time to prepare for your birth.

Following a regular schedule of appointments, which are tailored to your needs, we will take time to talk, share and get to know one another. We will also spend time assessing the baby, how you are doing, and answering any questions that may arise. Lab work and physical assessments, along with conversation and inquiry, give us valuable information. Prenatal visits last for an hour and you can use as much of that time as you’d like. We will share time preparing for the birth, addressing any concerns that arise and hopefully, empower and prepare you for motherhood.

Prenatal visits can be in your home or in office.

~Home Birth Care~

Personalized labor and birth support are paramount to having a safe and fulfilling birth experience. As your midwife, I provide you with the exact support you desire while monitoring the well-being of you and your baby.

I will listen to your baby's heart rate intermittently and check your vitals. I will have a trusted assistant join us when birth is imminent to help monitor you and your baby during pushing and the immediate postpartum period. You can birth in whatever position you desire.

I stay with you for a minimum of 2 hours after the birth of your baby, providing care and monitoring of both you and your baby. A complete head to toe examination of the newborn is conducted as well as monitoring maternal vitals and overall well being. Breastfeeding support is provided to ensure a positive start to you and your baby's breastfeeding experience. The team does not leave until specific criteria have been met by both mom and baby.

Once it is determined that you and your baby are stable and resting in bed, our team will clean up any "mess" and even get the birth laundry started.

To maintain the safety of homebirth, I only work with low-risk, healthy people. This ensures a low transport rate with minimal need for interventions and few complications. My midwife assistant and I regularly train for emergency situations and maintain our neonatal resuscitation and CPR training if the need arises. If transporting to the hospital becomes necessary, I will stay with you and continue providing you personalized, compassionate support.

~Postpartum Care~

The postpartum period, or the 4th trimester, is just as important as prenatal care. Adequate care, support and nurturing is vital to the healing mother. After your birth I will return at 24-48hr to check in on you and your family, offer breastfeeding support, perform routine newborn assessments/testing (with your consent) and address any concerns. The next visit will be at day 5 (or sooner, if needed). Subsequent visits will take place at 1-2wks, 4wks and 6wks.

As a licensed midwife I am able to care for you and your baby until 6 weeks postpartum. Routine tests and screenings offered for the newborn are: Newborn Metabolic Screening , CCHD Screening , Newborn Hearing Screening.