~Birth Doula Fees~

Sometimes you might think that a doula's fee is over priced, and their services overrated, but this is untrue. Please keep in mind that some mothers' labors are very long . I not only keep in touch with you through out your pregnancy, but I am on call for you 2 weeks before your due date. I am serving you with the best possible care since I am available to you 24/7. I am there to ensure that you are protected, served, loved and able to have the best birth you can possibly have so you and your baby can have a good start. For me, birth is not a job, or a paycheck- it's my calling!

My services start at $850 per birth. The first half is due at the time of signing the Service Agreement. The second half is due at the first postpartum visit.

Please do not let my fees deter you from contacting me! Payment plans are always an option, as is a sliding scale fee based on your individual circumstances.

~Postpartum Doula Fees~

Having extra support at home during the first couple of months after welcoming your little one into the world is priceless!!! This time is just as life changing as the birth of your child and is often referred to as the 4th Trimester of pregnancy. Whether the extra support is needed to ensure adequate sleep, help with recovery from a C-section, assist with older siblings or just for reassurance with your first baby, a postpartum doula is there do do exactly what YOU need.

When researching postpartum doulas you will find various fees as well as services provided. I tailor my services to each individual family and discuss this at the review and signing of the Service Agreement. Generally, my hourly rate varies from $20-$30/hour depending on individual needs.

~Monitrice Service Fees~

As outlined in the description of "Monitrice Services" I offer clinical assessments during your labor. This includes maternal vital signs, cervical dilation, maternal hydration/nutrition levels, fetal heart tones, contraction patterns, ultimately to help determine the best time to go to the hospital. I am NOT your primary care provider. If a precipitous birth happens unintentionally (or intentionally) there will be a birth fee assessed.

Monitrice Services start at $1200. This includes everything in the "Doula" description AND the "Monitrice" description. A non-refundable deposit of $600 will be due at the signing of the service agreement.