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Ashley Larsen, LM CPM

CPR/BLS-P Certified

NRP Certified

BEST Trained

Certified Doula

I am a 38yo mother of 3; 21, 20 and 12-year-old children. I guess you could say I did things a bit backwards and had the kids first and now I'm starting my career. My birth experiences with all three were the catalyst that caused me to seek out doulas and midwives. I didn't have bad or traumatic births, but they weren't what I wanted either. Shortly after having my daughter I came into a circle of friends who were birth advocates, home birth mamas, a wonderful tribe really. This is where I learned about what I missed out on. Then I got to help a friend have an unmedicated hospital birth. It truly was my "Aha!" moment. Not long after that experience I looked into becoming a doula. I took the training in February of 2010 and jumped right in! Then I had the privilege of working with midwives at some of these births and I knew what I was destined to do. Midwifery truly does choose you. In December of 2011 I was offered an apprentice position with Home Birth Midwifery Service under the training of Kim (Mosny) Lane. While she was in VA I trained alongside her in both home and birth center birth. She then moved to Utah to catch her first grandbaby and I was just doula-ing for a while. I looked for other potential preceptors, but nothing worked out. Then in December of 2015 I reached out to Kim, who had relocated to Houston TX to be a staff midwife at a birth center, to see what her thoughts were on me coming to TX to complete my apprenticeship. Her reaction was “OH my gosh!!! I literally just thought the same thing yesterday! I even said out loud 'I wonder if Ashley would move here'". It gave me chills. I knew that this was the next step in my path to fulfill my calling of becoming a midwife. I came to Houston in July of 2016 and started at the birth center on July 6. I completed all my clinical requirements for NARM within a year. Then, another change in the path. I moved to Austin to accept a position at a prominent birth center as a birth assistant. Shortly after my move, Kim moved to Austin as well! I received my NARM Certification in June 2018 followed by my Texas License. I am eager to serve this growing community during their childbearing years for years to come.

Kim Lane, LM CPM