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Do You Doula?


What is a DOULA?

-Greek for "woman's servant", also referred to as labor assistant, labor and birth support, etc.

-Professional care provider who understands and trusts the process of birth, who respects it's transcendent and sacred aspects as well as it's physical and emotional aspects and who facilitates* the birth experience for the parents, baby and primary care provider.

-Supports and encourages woman-centered, non-technical, unmedicated birth as the safest possible choice for mothers and babies today.

-Provides continuity of care prenatally through the postpartum period consisting of:
-emotional support
-educational support
-physical support

*facilitate - to make easier, to ease, to smooth, to explain, to simplify; but also to empower, to allow and to clear the way.

What are the benefits of a DOULA?

50% decrease of Cesarean Sections
25% decrease in length of labor
30% decrease in use of forceps/vacuum extraction
40% decrease in use of pitocin
60% decrease in use of epidurals
30% decrease in use of pain medication (narcotics)
35% increase in breastfeeding

What are the side effects of a DOULA?

The beauty of a Doula is that there are NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS!!!!

What is a Doula?

"If we are going to heal the world, we must first begin with healing birthing."