An appeal to all trade unionists

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Dear Brothers and sisters

The postal workers’ strike is a dispute between those who believe in public service and those who believe in the rule of the market and profit.

It is the same central issue which lies at the heart of the disputes in the civil service.

We believe that this is a crucial moment for all workers, but particularly for those in the CWU and PCS unions.

We can either bow down to an agenda of cuts, privatisation and pay reductions, or successfully fight back and open up new possibilities of resistance by many other workers.

The government has sided with management in the postal dispute.

Gordon Brown and other ministers have refused to put pressure on Royal Mail to back off from the devastation of the postal service, major pay cuts, harsh new conditions, 40,000 job losses, over 2,000 Post Office closures and a savage assault on pensions.

That must mean they are backing these attacks 100 percent.

They have lined up behind Royal Mail bosses such as Allan Leighton, a man who works one day a week for the Post Office yet tells postal workers they are 25 percent overpaid and 40 percent underworked.

And in the civil service Gordon Brown is directly responsible for policies that will shatter the service to the public and cause over 104,000 job losses (including compulsory redundancies), pay cuts for already poorly paid workers, and yet more privatisation.

We face common challenges, and need a common response. We believe our two unions should be uniting their battles, and should set a date for coordinated strike action in the near future.

This could become a day of action and solidarity for the entire labour movement.

No one group of workers should be left isolated when the government’s attacks will impact on millions of public sector workers and will set an example for firms that employ millions more in the private sector.

Civil service workers have repeatedly signalled their desire to keep up their campaign to defend public services and decently paid jobs.

The postal workers will be escalating their strikes, escalating the political campaign and escalating the appeal to the wider public to back the union.

But a crucial decision now is to strengthen the bonds of fighting unity between our two unions.

We call on all trades unionists and working people to:

  • Deliver maximum solidarity to the postal workers
  • Organise delegations to picket lines in future strikes
  • Invite CWU and PCS members to union meetings
  • Support the CWU’s fighting fund
  • Join any CWU marches and rallies
  • Sign the CWU’s petition in defence of postal services

We urge all trade unionists, particularly those in the CWU and PCS to add their names to this statement.

Jane Loftus president CWU (pc) and Sue Bond vice-president PCS (pc)

Signatories all in a personal capacity

Last updated: Thursday 23 August 2007

Mark Baulch CWUNEC
John Farnan CWUNEC
Mark PalfreyCWULondon divisional rep
Jim KirwanCWUbranch secretary N/NW London
Paul MoffatCWUEastern Region Secretary
Paul O’DonnellCWUcentral sec LPSA branch
Tim ShearerCWUarea health and safety rep N/NW London
Alan SmithCWUarea distribution rep West London amal
Ray DunningCWUbranch secretary West London postal
Peter GroomCWUbranch secretary East London postal
Biff McGuireCWUarea delivery rep West London postal
John CoakleyCWUarea delivery rep East London postal
Mole MeadeCWUsection secretary counters
John LeeCWUarea rep LPSA branch
Barry NelsonCWUchair London postal and counters branch
Cliff TuckerCWUchair south and east Thames amal
Mark DolanCWUarea delivery rep North London
John KingCWUarea safety rep North London
Dave MorrisonCWUrep London N1
Terry GrovesCWUchair London SW postal
Ken MurrayCWUasst rep London SW20
Kev TesterCWUrep SW19
Steve CarpenterCWUasst rep SW19
D HallettCWUrep Morden
Scott FullerCWUdelivery rep Woodford Green
Ryan WardCWUarea safety rep Romford amal
Kevin O’FlahertyCWUNW1 delivery rep
Bob CullenCWUArea Processing Rep South Central No.1
Kevin DuffyCWUArea Delivery Rep South Central No.1
Paul GarrawayCWUPolitical Officer South Central No.1
Paul Turnbull CWUArea processing rep Eastern no 4
Diane Allan CWURep, Royston DO Herts, part of Eastern 4
Ian CliffCWUSeacroft DO, Leeds
Raymond WelshCWUMerseyside
Russell WardCWUMerseyside
DG OwensCWUMerseyside
Mick McKennaCWUMerseyside
James SamuelsCWUAssistant Secretary Liverpool Clerical CWU
Phil BrennanCWUSub rep night shift Green Lane APC Stockport.
Dave FarrierCWUHeaton Depot (Newcastle upon Tyne)
M RoutledgeCWUHeaton Depot (Newcastle upon Tyne)
Neil FreestoneCWUForest Hall Depot (Newcastle upon Tyne)
Kevin EtheringtonCWUForest Hall Depot (Newcastle upon Tyne)
Kath IleyCWUTeam Valley (Gateshead)
Shaun ReayCWUTeam Valley (Gateshead)
Graeme FalcusCWUTeam Valley (Gateshead)
Alan CarlisleCWUTeam Valley (Gateshead)
Alan PaillasCWUTeam Valley (Gateshead)
David RyderCWUTeam Valley (Gateshead)
Ian CrawfordCWUTeam Valley (Gateshead)
Les PurcellCWUTeam Valley (Gateshead)
M. DourishCWUTeam Valley (Gateshead)
K. HamiltonCWUTeam Valley (Gateshead)
D.HendersonCWUTeam Valley (Gateshead)
M.FleckCWUTeam Valley (Gateshead)
Steve Brown CWUTeam Valley (Gateshead)
Malcolm AghoCWUTeam Valley (Gateshead)
M HarkinCWUManchester North Delivery Office
Anton LambrechtCWUManchester North Delivery Office
Howell WilliamsCWUManchester North Delivery Office
G WhiteheadCWUManchester North Delivery Office
J LucasCWUManchester North Delivery Office
Daz PembertonCWUManchester North East Delivery Office
S LynchCWUManchester North East Delivery Office
S ParkinsonCWUManchester North East Delivery Office
A BrennanCWUManchester North East Delivery Office
James O'HanlonCWUManchester North East Delivery Office
Ray HolmesCWUPortsmouth Area Processing Rep
Mark RoseCWUWaterlooville DO, Hants
Lance WilliamsCWUWaterlooville DO, Hants
Brian McNellyCWUWaterlooville DO, Hants
Ian HamiltonCWUWaterlooville DO, Hants
Richard TuckyCWUWaterlooville DO, Hants
J BaileyCWUWaterlooville DO, Hants
M GriffithsCWU
Paul MartinCWUdelivery office driver
Jason NoelCWUdelivery office driver
Dominic BeckCWUTooting
Neil ParkerCWUTooting
N CarterCWU
Dave LynchCWUChorlton delivery office
Daniel BurnsCWUChorlton delivery office
JJ ConneelyCWUChorlton delivery office
C FinneranCWUStreford delivery office
R WhitwoodCWUStreford delivery office
R DewisonCWUStreford delivery office
J CunninghamCWUStreford delivery office
J LewisCWUStreford delivery office
Colin YatesCWUBT central London
JM Seth-MacdonaldCWUGrantham deliery office
Paul WilliamsPCSNEC
Anna OwensPCSbranch organiser Euston Tower HMRC
Lane TaylorPCSbranch president Euston Tower HMRC
Matt WellsPCSAssistant Secretary, Defra Group Executive Committee
L DesouzaPCSbranch member
Val PearmanPCSBritish Library
Tansy FeltisPCSFood Standards Agency
Keith CranePCSDefra London branch
Maxine BilcockPCSSenior Natural Resources Officer, Natural Resources and Rural team, GO-East, Cambridge
Michaela BensonPCSGO-East, Cambridge
Monica SharmaPCSBEC Member
Ian BartonPCSPCS Branch Secretary, Cambridge ETR
Nicola BrownPCSrep Tate Modern
Pam GreggPCSSSCSA National Branch
Nick BirdPCSAssistant Secretary, Norfolk & Suffolk DWP Branch
Steve WestPCSDWP Group Executive Committee. Campaigns Co-Ordinator, DWP Fife Branch
Hamish DrummondPCSBranch Secretary, HMRC, Dundee
E GarnerPCSManchester
Lorna GrayPCSManchester
Shaun RicePCSManchester
Joanne HallPCSManchester
Dave VincentPCSManchester
John PuttockPCSDWP Manchester
Annette WrightPCSDWP Manchester
Zeb KhanPCSRep Job Centre Plus Manchester
Kath ShelleyPCSRep Job Centre Plus, Manchester
Paul HackettPCSBrampton/Wyton branch
George HadjipaterasPCS
Harold ShaletPCSretired member
Robert MurrayPCS
S FentonPCSChorlton
K RileyPCSChorlton
K RichardsPCSChorlton BDC
I BellPCSChorlton BDC
A PodleyPCSChorlton BDC
J PuttockPCSChorlton BDC
L HackneyPCSChorlton BDC
S MurrayPCSChorlton BDC
Niaz FaizPCSDefra Group Executive Committee
Karen JohnsonPCSBranch Secretary DFT/DCLG London Branch
Matthew ThompsonPCSrep, Stockport Jobcentre
Neville GrundyPCSBranch Secretary, DWP North Merseyside Branch
Ken ToulsonPCSAssociation of Retired Members (ARMs)
Steve BramhillPCSBranch Secretary, DWP Liverpool Branch
Other unions
Tom GriffithsGMBsteward Roehampton University
Wayne JonesGMBS26 Branch Secretary, British Gas Services - electical servicing division TU Secretary
Ian SternbergGMBOxford & District Trades Union Council
Jenny LennoxNUJ/GMB
Clive SearleNUT
Martin HurdNUT
Lyn GrantNUT
Paul GerrardNUT
Jason TravisNUTBolton
Barry ConwayNUTSecretary, Bolton
Unjum Mirza RMTPolitical Officer, London Transport Region
Patrick O'BrienRMTCamden NO 3 Branch. Health & Safety Rep
Danny CanavanRMTFunctional and H&S rep, Hainault Depot
Brian HaughianRMTRep, Gloucester Road Group, Bayswater Station
Martin WalshRMT
Dave BarnesTSSANEC
Clive HudspithUCUretired members branch
John MolyneuxUCUrep, Portsmouth University
Geoff BrownUCU/GMBSecretary of Manchester Trades Council
David AmesUCUManchester Metropolitan University
Alan McNeillieUCUSouth Trafford College
Colin BarkerUCU
Andy ColesUCU
David SwansonUCUBranch Secretary, City College, Manchester
Keiron LennonUCUCity College, Manchester
Darren TollidayUCU
Darrall CozensUCUCoventry
Andrew ThomasUnisonBath
John WoodsUnisonChair, Portsmouth City
Lee SprakeUnisonPortsmouth City
Claire EmiljanowiczUnisonNHS
David MarksUnisonNHS
Steve SwiftUnisonManchester City College
Jane LeeUnison
Derek ColemanUnisonManchester Local Government
Bartley WillcockUnison
Kay PhillipsUnison/BMA
Ron SenchakUnison
Vernetta O'LoughlinUnisonTrafford Council
Clare McCrystalUnisonStockport MBC
Steven NorthUnisonSalford City Council
Bill JeffriesUnisonManchester Council
Rena WoodUnisonManchester Branch Office
Antony SchofieldUnison
Jeff DouglasUnison
Margaret DouglasUnison
Adam SmithUnisonConvenor Customer Services & Environment, Ealing Council
Jackie LewisUnisonLeicester City Council
Gopal SallUnisonLeicester City Council
Leo IsmailUnisonLeicester City Council
Martin ChallenderUnisonBolton
Ben DrakeUnisonbranch secretary, York City Council
Geraldine MonaghanUnison
Shaun OpenshawUnisonBolton
Tony BarnsleyUnisonJoint Assistant Branch Secretary, Sandwell General Branch
Carol ColtmanUnisonAssistant Branch Secretary Wigan Metro
Ian AllinsonUnitesenior steward, Fujitsu, Manchester
Sarah HoldenUniteSenior Organiser
Colin WalkerUnite (Amicus Section)NEC
Ray SmithUnite (Amicus Section)Branch Secretary Newcastle Central 1901
Mike ThompsonUnite (Amicus Section)Branch Chair Leicester East 0064, member National Not for Profit Sector Committee
Joe BaileyUnite (T&G Section)
Jimmy ThorntonUnite (T&G Section)Manchester Council
Richard AlldayUnite (T&G Section)shop steward and Chair of Harwich Express drivers’ committee
Danny MitchellUnite (T&G Section)Health and Safety rep, Harwich Express drivers’ committee
Dave “Pudding” ClementsUnite (T&G Section)Health and Safety rep, Harwich Express drivers’ committee
David SeamanUnite (T&G Section)Shop steward and secretary, Harwich Express drivers’ committee
Sasha SimicUsdawShop Steward, Central Books
Martin Wright
James Walker

Scott Bricis

Lynda Marshall

Gary Marshall

Professor Al Rainnie
Director of Research, Centre for Labour Market Studies, University of Leicester
Jon Gamble
signing for Greater Manchester Assoc of Trades Union
Derek Clarke
Secretary, Watford TUC
Emma Kivell

John Hall

Irfan Oomer
Ronnie Duncan
Mark Brady
Peter WatermanABVA-KABOMember, The Hague
Frank CougetNational Association of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIOTimes Square Station, New York, USA
The National Education Health and Allied Workers Union (Nehawu) in South Africa recently led a public service strike involving between 600,000 and 1 million workers who stayed out for a full month (more than 15 million strike days lost). The unity displayed during the strike was unprecedented. There were 17 unions with different histories and traditions yet they remained united throughout in our struggle to improve wages and conditions of service for public servants. We hope that you can draw strength from this important working class victory against the US led neo-liberal offensive, and we would like to extend our solidarity to the CWU and the PCS unions and all their members out on strike or considering taking strike action.
Paul Germanotta
Geneva, Switzerland