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Send messages of support, donations, invitations for speaker at your meetings to the Manchester Community and Mental Health Unison Branch Office, 70 Manchester Road, Manchester, M21 9UN. Phone 07972 120 451 or email

Karen is a psychiatric nurse and leading UNISON union activist who is being victimised by her employers for union activities. Her charges are that she gave an interview for a magazine, that she told people she was suspended and what for, that she told people she was not guilty and that she allowed the press to print misleading accounts of her suspension.

Karen led a successful strike against cuts at Manchester Community and Mental Health NHS Trust earlier this year. It is clear that NHS trust bosses believe that the union is the main obstacle to their plans to make over £3 million worth of “savings” this year. They believe that the union will be significantly weakened without Karen to help lead it.

UNISON is planning a rolling strategy of three-day strikes starting late August that will involve the entire mental health membership of over 700 in Karen’s defence. Solidarity will be crucial to winning this dispute.

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Reinstate Karen Reissmann

We have a right to fight NHS cuts

Sunday 9th September
1pm at Peace Gardens,
St Peters Square, Manchester