Founded by Kevin Olson and Joshua Stewart, Southern Utah Paranormal (SUP) provides free paranormal investigations to the residents of Southern Utah.  Kevin is a retired State Police Sergeant, with 30 years of investigation experience.  He brings a grounding energy to the team and provides practical insight when determing the causes of phenomena the investigators may be experiencing, without sensationlizing it.
Joshua had personal experiences earlier in his life, creating a deep interest in the paranormal activity.  He brings to the team a quest to know the truth.  He aims to debunk activity and separate real and unexplained paranormal activities, from what may be imaginary.
Our other team members bring a variety of ages and experience to our group, including a Veteran from the Iraq Freedom War, a housewife, a school lunch manager, professionals from the medical field, social workers, a computer programmer, and an archaeologist.  Each has received training from experienced Ghost Hunters.

SUP respects the privacy and sensitive nature of paranormal activities that can affect a person, a family, and a home.   SUP keeps all matter confidential, unless we have explicit permission from the client to use the informationWe use non-damaging equipment and techniques, and give the utmost respect to a client's property.

The SUP team at a recent investigation. 
The subpage links below represent a number of investigations conducted by SUP in the Iron County area.  Each subpage contains background information about the location (history and paranormal claims), photographs, and audio evidence (Class A & Class B EVP's).   We hope you enjoy the sense of discovery we experienced while conducting the investigations.
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For questions about Southern Utah Paranormal, contact Kevin at suphunters@gmail.com