DGACR (Audit) findings

The audit findings of Director General of Audit and Central Revenue states the following: 

1. Department blocked 25.67 lakhs by purchasing a software and paid for Annual Maintenance Contract  of Rs 5.57 lakhs without even need of the software. (M/s Path Infotech Ltd was named in purchase of Hardware also) 

2. The World Bank project suffered due to poor planning on behalf of Department and funds remained under-utilized. No explanation was made to Planning Commission or Audit. 

3. The delays in implementation resulted in increased cost of over 67 lakhs 

4. There was a wasteful expenditure of over 12 lakhs 

5. Laptops and Printers were given to office of MOS (PP) Sh. Suresh Pachouri from the World Bank Project (Was it to ensure that the inquiry gets dropped) 

6. No physical verification of stock was carried out to ensure that whatever was purchased under the World Bank project is available in the Department. 

7. More smaller issues were identified by the Audit Committee which are reflected in the report.