SOS from a Whistleblower...

....and CVC shielded the corrupt

Dear All, 

This is a SOS call from a Whistle Blower who has been suffering since past seven years for raising the issues of corruption in the Department of Administrative Reforms in Government of India.

My tryst with mis-fortune started when I assisted the Department of Information Technology (GOI ) on a project. Seeing that the project was being awarded to a friend of the Chairman of screening committee, I left the assignment with a note to CVO of Department. Thereafter I received a call from the Project Coordinator challenging me that they are Government and I cannot do anything about them.

Thereafter I started an e-group called india-egov ( ) and ensured that through the discussions on the e-group the Government at least listen to the mess that was happening in e-Governance domain in India. The e-group became a strong voice and there were all efforts to de-fame it and its members.

Then came the role of various agencies which came with various traps like the Job Trap, Horoscope Trap, Honey Trap, Rumors Trap, Defamation Trap, Health Trap and so on. Those who have some background in intelligence agencies will understand what I am talking about.

Anyways I was then lured into a job at Department of Administrative Reforms & PG. However seeing a person with questionable credentials as the Chairman of the Interview Committee, I left the interview.  But  the next day the interview was re-scheduled with another board (First time in history of GOI a board was changed for candidate) and I was selected. Little did I know that I was falling into a job trap?

However there was higher level of corruption in the Department wherein I was lured into. I raised the issues with the HOD of the Department, but to my surprise my services were terminated on frivolous grounds later.  (a suit is going on in the district court on the job matter since six years) There were multiple games played with me in background. Later I petitioned CVC under the Public Interest Disclosure Resolution highlighting the corruption in the RC & IT Division of the Department of Administrative Reforms. The CVC as you will see in enclosed documents found irregularities however dropped the matter whereby the culprit went scot free.

However I had been suffering since then. I operate in a domain of e-Governance and all stakeholders whether in Public sector or private sector are dependent on DIT or DARPG. Therefore I had been manipulated in my job since then. The powerful forces in the background had created such conditions in my various jobs that I had no choice but to resign. The effort was to convey to the world that the problem was with me and not with Department. However I will request you to kindly look into enclosed documents especially the CVC file to conclude about the truth.

Having written to President, Prime Minister, Ministers, MOSs, CVC, CAG, CBI, Cabinet Secretary, Concerned Secretaries to GOI, I still have no one to help. It is therefore that I am bringing the matter in public domain and looking forward to your support. 

Looking forward to your help.



Samir Sachdeva


Read the complete file as obtained from CVC under the RTI Act