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designers,film makers, musicians, DJs,  coastal cottage owners, marine life enthusiasts, surfers, beachcombers or even adventurous travellers. We`d love to see you on this website! Let`s show the world our  fresh, cool, genuine and contemporary Wales! 

swanseatogether      and    rhossilibloom  are ready to  enjoy

Swansea by Chris Gale

Sunset at Aberffraw  on  Anglesey  - photo by Sian Monument 2015

"WALES is a country interesting in many respects, and deserving of  more attention than it has hitherto met with. Though not very  extensive, it is one of the most picturesque countries in the world, a  country in which Nature displays herself in her wildest, boldest, and  occasionally loveliest forms. The inhabitants, who speak an ancient and peculiar language, do not call this region Wales, nor themselves Welsh. 
They call themselves  Cymry  or   Cumry, 
and their country  Cymru,  or the land of the Cumry."  
Wild Wales by George Borrow

Swansea Bay - photo by Robert Szabo

Timelapse Gro Pro - Swansea, Rhosilli by Chris Gale

Swansea by MightySky
Peaceful woodland, secluded beaches, romantic ruins and breezy cliff tops.