The history of Wales is a tribute to its remarkable people. It`s about their determination to survive against all the odds.

We would like to say a big thank you to Marian Marston and Adrian Janes at the London Borough of Havering, Upminster Library for their support in our research work. 

Owain  Glyndwr  (Prince of Wales) a rebel leader who became popular by his uprising against the English rule in the 15th century.  His name inspires the Welsh people to be proud of their country...there is no other person whose name can lift up the spirit and pride of the nation better than his.

"In truth this Wales, Sire, is a gem,
The fairest in your crown;
The stream and field rich harvest yield,
And fair and dale and down."  The Welsh Bards by Janos Arany 

If you are fond of castle, churches and ruins then look no further, Wales has got the most magnificent looking castle filled with thousands of years of history. Beautifully blending in their surroundings, they can be the perfect focal point for any photographers.  Just a few examples of the hundreds: Raglan Castles South Wales, Kidwelly Castle West Wales, Denbigh Castle North Wales, Conwy Castle North Wales, Caerphilly Castle South Wales.

Saint David`s Cathedral, Pembrokeshire

"Restoring the Welsh language in Wales is nothing less than a revolution." by Saunders Lewis-writer 

When  travelling to Wales, we must remember to read about the world`s first railway service, The Mumbles Train. This service operated between the dunes at Swansea and destined for Mumbles, an oyster harvesting and fishing village.
In the 1840`s more railways were built in Wales. Which helped tourism become a leading industry in the country. 

Fancy spending your weekends with arts and music? Why not visit Wales`s own extraordinary talent, Dylan Thomas`s Boathouse in Laugharne, Carmartenshire. 

"One: I am a Welshman, two: I am a drunkard, three: I am a lover of the human race, especially of women." by Dylan Thomas

Cardiff Castle

Video by Lawrence Huxham

Solva, Pembrokeshire 2014

Solva Woollen Mills, Pembrokeshire since 1961

Tony Richards

"Let us lie close, as lovers should
That, if I wake when barn - crocks crow-
I`ll feel your body at my side,
And hear your breathing come and go,
When dreams, one night, had moved our bodies,
I, waking listened for your breath,
I feared to reach and touch your face,
That it was icy-cold and death.
Let us lie close, as lovers should,
And count our breaths, as some count sheep,
Until we say "Good night", at last,
And with one kiss prepared for sleep,
William Henry Davies-Let us lie close

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