University Supervisor

All Northwestern State University supervisors are expected to:


·  Assume responsibility for direct supervision of designated student teachers and uphold the policies of the student teaching program.

·  Evaluate the performance of student teachers as indicated in Evaluation of Student Teaching Performance.

·  Maintain and document close contact with each assigned student teacher on a weekly basis, by email, telephone or personal visit. 

· Confer regularly with the student teacher, the Cooperating Teacher, the university liaison, and the Cooperating Principal concerning the student teacher's performance and progress. Contact the Director of Field Experience and Clinical Practices immediately if major weaknesses are detected in a student teacher's performance. Develop and monitor any needed remediation plans for strengthening performance of a marginal student teacher.

·  On a regular basis, collect all evaluation forms completed by Cooperating Teacher and principal, the Weekly Student Teaching Activity Logs, and the Summary of Student Teaching Activity Log completed by student teachers and promptly return to the Office of Field Experience and Clinical Practices for recording and filing.

·  Contact recent graduates or alternative certification candidates employed in schools where student teachers are placed. If a need for assistance is identified, make a referral to the Dean of the College of Education.

·  Participate in planning and conducting in-service conferences for University and cooperating school personnel. 

·  Participate in inservice conferences and professional development sessions for university supervisors held by the University.