Remediation Plan

After a Plan of Improvement has been implemented, should any additional scores and/or evaluations fall below accepted levels, immediate attention should be given to the following procedure:
The Director of Field Experience & Clinical Practice is to be notified immediately when a Student Teacher does not appear to be progressing at a rate to allow for successful completion of the student teaching experience.
The Student Teacher, Cooperating Teacher and Principal, and Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies and the Dean of the College of Education will be notified regarding the unsatisfactory quality of the student teaching experience.


The University Supervisor schedules a three-way conference involving the Cooperating Teacher, Student Teacher, and University Supervisor. The Cooperating Principal and Director of Field Experience and Clinical Practices should be informed of the conference and may be requested for assistance if needed. During the three-way conference, documentation will be reviewed to identify specific areas of needed improvement.

If the situation is not resolved with an immediate solution, a remedial plan may be developed by the University Supervisor or the Director of Field Experience and Clinical Practice. The Director of Field Experiences & Clinical Practice, the University Supervisor, and the Cooperating Teacher will collaborate to recommend strategies for implementation.