Lesson planning is a mandatory part of student teaching at Northwestern State University. As soon as possible after the student teaching assignment begins, the cooperating teacher should conference with the student teacher and develop a tentative schedule of teaching hours for the semester.


        While the student teaching placement is for 15 weeks, it will be important to look at both district and student teaching calendars and make a tentative teaching schedule for the semester.  Revisiting the schedule throughout the semester is important to ensure that the student teacher is on track for completing the required number of teaching hours.


    NSU candidates are well-prepared to assume teaching responsibilities right away.  While all candidates must have a minimum of 180 hours of field experience prior to student teaching, most have significantly more hours. All candidates have had methods courses in which they have been responsible for both the planning and implementation of whole class instruction.


    Student teachers are to have written lesson plans for every lesson they teach or are responsible for in the K-12 classroom. Lesson plans are a working document and after a lesson is taught should be used for reflection, notes, and ideas for improving the lesson. Only lessons that will be formally observed need to be completed on NSU lesson plan template. All other plans should be completed in district or school format as instructed by the Cooperating Teacher. 


    Student teachers are required to maintain a loose-leaf notebook containing copies of all lesson plans with handouts, assessments, evaluation reports, and conference notes with cooperating teacher and university supervisor.  Weekly logs and portfolio logs should also be available for review in the notebook. The Cooperating Teacher and University Supervisor will review and initial notebook periodically during the semester.


Student teachers should:



Prepare written lesson plans for all lessons taught and submit to Cooperating Teacher for approval in advance of the lesson.
Make revisions as necessary before lessons are taught. Lesson plans should be approved by the Cooperating Teacher before being taught by the student teacher.
Actively participate in planning conferences with the cooperating teacher and follow through on suggestions and recommendations
Follow the required format and follow a defined procedure for submitting the lesson plans to the cooperating teacher for review and approval. The required format is designed to prepare student teachers to effectively address the Danielson Framework for Teaching, as well as Common Core State Standards.  Lessons should be carefully planned and include adequate information to assist the student teacher in satisfactorily meeting instructional needs of the classroom students.
 Maintain copies of all lesson plans with handouts, tests, and evaluation reports, notes taken during conferences, teaching ideas, and teaching-observing schedules. Provide copies to cooperating teacher on request.

Furnish a copy of the day's lesson plan and student handouts, per established procedure, to the University Supervisor when he/she visits to observe and evaluate teaching performance