Plan of Improvement

A Student Teacher would be considered "marginal" if:
  (1) score is less than 73 on any CLASSROOM OBSERVATION FORM completed by the Cooperating 
  (2) score is less than 73 on any CLASSROOM OBSERVATION FORM completed by the University   
 (3) documentation of significant concern on the EVALUATION OF PROFESSIONAL
CHARACTERISTICS AND DISPOSITIONS completed by the Cooperating Teacher and/or University
The general procedures to follow in supervision of the marginal Student Teacher are listed below:


·  Careful consideration should be given to the length of time involved in the student teaching assignment, when determining if performance of a Student Teacher is marginal. In 4-8 week assignments, the Cooperating Teacher and University Supervisor are alerted to identify marginal performance early in the assignment. Efforts should be made to identify a marginal Student Teacher before midsemester in a 16-week assignment and halfway in a 4-8 week assignment.
· If a single observation or evaluation score is lower than the required score, the Student Teacher will complete a plan for improvement to be signed by the Student Teacher and the Cooperating Teacher. The Cooperating Teacher should report the need for writing a plan to the University Supervisor.  After the Cooperating Teacher has documented that the first plan for improvement has been successfully implemented, the Student Teacher would no longer considered “marginal.”
Connie Melder,
Aug 24, 2010, 2:57 PM