Cooperating School


The cooperating school retains the legal responsibility for the safety and welfare of its pupils. Additionally, the cooperating school assures that cooperating teachers and student teachers understand and follow established local school district and school policies and procedures. The placement of a student teacher in the classroom does not relieve the classroom mentor teacher or the host school and district of the ultimate responsibility for the operation of the classroom.


The following areas are normally addressed by district and school-level policies: punctuality; handling of absences; personal and professional conduct; dress and grooming; attending to assigned responsibilities such as hall duty with the cooperating teacher; professional knowledge and competence; and discipline and classroom control.


Student teachers must be under the constant and daily supervision of a qualified cooperating teacher employed by Northwestern. Student teachers are not to serve as substitute teachers during the student teaching assignment. In the absence of the cooperating teacher, a substitute teacher may need to assume the ultimate responsibility for the operation of the classroom.