Vassily Litvinov

Hello, and welcome to my little web corner.


I live in (warm and sunny) Seattle. If you want to call me, CALL ZEN !

It is a happy time in my life. I share happiness with my family, friends, people I meet.

In my spare time, I like playing with my computer (read: hack perl scripts), biking around Seattle, and driving out to the mountains.

And hey, I updated my webpages!  [2020.09 update: I also like swimming in the Pacific Ocean.]

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I am a member of the Chapel Chapel team led by Brad Chamberlain at Cray Cray, now HPE Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

My previous lives

SSCPT Savoy Swing Club Performance Troupe

Reservoir Labs

University of Washington

  Esli ya cheshu v zatylke - ne be-da.
V golove moei opilki - da, da, da!
No hotya tam i opilki ...
last updated: 10 September 2020