Scenario Template

A User Scenario tells a story about how a user will interact with an application.  This narrative description includes information about the user, a history of the situation, and descriptions of the experiences, choices and outcomes of the interactive process.  This information assists in defining the structure and interface design for the best possible experience for the site’s users.

A set of User Scenarios can be created to describe the majority of user interactions with the application.  This set includes examples from each user task profile.  Together, the scenarios establish the high-level scope of a project by representing the essential functionality that is required by the application. Each User Scenario follows a targeted persona and solution goal. The scenario will describe how a specific persona would accomplish his/her tasks and goals.

This document describes the user scenarios for the outlined system.

User Scenarios are used to explore and communicate the likely actions of users when interacting with the application.  Development of User Scenarios helps the design team understand the motivations of users and the functions that will compliment their motivations.  User Scenarios can suggest new functional requirements.

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Gessica Tortolano,
Sep 16, 2009, 5:56 PM