Persona Template

This template is designed to provide a characterization of a set of users who are representative of the overall user population. The process of creating Personas will provide the Design teams with a fictitious person, actor or segment who will be referred to many times throughout the life of the project. Get ready for "but Sara needs this feature or her needs will not be met", for example.

The purpose of this document is also used to describe the User Profiles created for the outlined project. It enables:

  • Understanding of the intended users of a new system – this is vital since obtaining knowledge of the users’ characteristics is the first step in designing a user interface that meets their needs.
  • Defining User Profiles – thereby helping to identify and describe the intended categories of users of the system so that the developers can build meaningful ease-of-use and accessibility features into their design.
  • Compiling Personas - “bringing to life” the representative tasks and goals of the various targeted users, thereby enabling the user-interface design to be more effectively modeled.
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Gessica Tortolano,
Sep 16, 2009, 5:54 PM