User Interface & IA Templates

I took the liberty of creating and sharing some of the most commonly used documents for Usability and Information Design. In my years of being an IA (Information Architect), UI (User Interface) Designer, IDC (Information Design Consultant), and UI (User Interface) Strategist I have found very little sharing of these types of documents. I have found examples in pdf or jpg form but one is still required to recreate, I am here to offer you immediate customization and use of the documents in a template form. I have no problem with sharing this information, I only ask that you provide some feedback or a comment letting me know if this was helpful or what can be improved upon.

As we Usability Professionals know, feedback is key. Enjoy, share and Comment.

In the Design Phase of a Project a User Experience Team may want to complete any of the following documents:

Project Proposal TemplateA brief description of your project, goals and success measurements.
Persona TemplateA fictitious user to match a design to a particular users' Goals.
Scenario TemplateA real life Scenario for the system or site you are developing. This will assist in establishing the requirements and needs of the interface and who (Persona) will use the various components.
Site Evaluation Heuristics TemplateCreate Heuristics to relay high-level, general principles for user interface design that can be adopted as usability guidelines and also assist in testing.
Usability Requirements Template Create Usability requirements to help provide a comprehensive list of requirements that will be shared with user interface designers and developers in building the application.
Site Map Template
Create a Site Map that will be a project long document capturing high level architecture down to the small functional details as your project/interface progresses and solidifies.    
Use Case Template
Use Cases are detailed written descriptions of how users and systems interact with an application. These descriptions include ideal paths with alternate paths and post conditions.
Process Flows & Use Case Flows Template
Process Flows and Use Case Flows are visual representations of the written use case.
Wireframe Convention Stencil
Visio set of stencils that are commonly used in Web based applications or sites during the wireframing process.
Wireframe Template
Wireframes are a visual representation of the content of a web page that is the culmination of user research, business objectives and content. Best brought together in a sequence of pages to illustrate paths of navigation and interactions on the page. Wireframes are working documents that are not finished designs but are likely to change as the design process progresses and functional requirements are clarified.
Reuse Template
Reuse items can be created for consistency within wireframes. It also provides a grouping of fields and/or functions that are similar and provides an explanation of how they should perform as a group.
Features & Elements Matrix Template
Feature Matrices are often used as a document for hand off to development and/or QA. This ensures that your proposed UI performs as you planned but also confronts issues that may need resolution prior to development. Otherwise the Developer might just guess and this can break models and patterns the Usability expert has already defined.  Applying reusable widgets/elements can reduce the input time by describing it once but using it in multiple places throughout a site or system.
One on One Usability Testing Template
Conducting one-on-one interviews in order to gather behavioral data regarding interaction with the identified system or Web site. Individual interviews allow companies to test scenarios and tasks that will be timed and/or assessed and determined to be successful or not.
Focus Group Moderator Guide Template
A guide to conducting a focus group in the hopes of obtaining user feedback and information to support recommended adjustments to the identified system or Web site.
Usability Research Legal Waiver Template
A legal waiver is important in documenting your users' authorization to use their words, images and video.
Usability Research Proposal Template
A Usability Research proposal should be used to obtain approval for Focus Group Testing to explore the factors and subconscious motivators that drive or prevent users from completing scenarios, or focus on high revenue scenarios. Focus groups are increasingly used by companies to obtain research data and to gather opinions about their perceived products and quality of a service.
Usability Testing Survey Template
Surveys offer additional information for usability testing; this data provides quantitative data to the research exercise. Additionally, it provides demographics of the users but offers them an anonymous outlet for feedback.
Usability Testing Raw Survey Data Template
Extract your survey results and compile into an excel spreadsheet to get an overall view of your users and their ideas on expectations, challenges, likes and dislikes. Raw data can also be helpful in demonstrating the majority i.e.; 5 out of 6 people failed to complete the task without help.
Usability Testing Results Template
Compile all of your results into Usability Testing Results Presentation an overview or executive summary. The results should be used to make improvements prior to launch, help support a redesign initiative or confirm scenario or task success. Using the raw data and any recorded tasks would be bundled into this presentation for support and a full understanding of the results.