Information Design Consulting

The practice of Information Design is to convey complex concepts with straightforward designs. Design is not simply for the visual arts. Effective visual presentations and trial exhibits can have a valuable and significant place in court, and may help both a judge and jurors comprehend case facts, legal jargon, and complex topics. Visuals are often more persuasive than words and can mean an ultimate victory.

Examples of Trial Exhibits for Personal Injury and a Damages chart both verdicts were for our client.
The damages chart was the final statement before a jury awarded our client over 100 million dollars.

Information Design Consultants identify key concepts and create compelling visual presentations and graphics. Having a background in information design, graphic design, communications, advertising and marketing, provided me with the skills to translate complex trial presentation information into unique and easy-to-understand designs.

IDC's work and collaborate with many trial teams and expert witnessesproviding a helpful "layperson" perspectivelearning the intricacies of the cases. Taking audience into account is critical as well, for example different court room settings require different trial services; bench trials, meditations, and jury trials all have different needs. In the end the goal is to create custom trial graphics and visual presentations by focusing on the cases key information and strongest arguments.

Mock Trials and Focus Groups also play a critical role in trial consulting and offer a vehicle for testing ideas and trial exhibits as well as the lawyers themes and personalities. As with product research the focus groups and mock trials are also extremely enlightening and surprising.

It is not rare that a demonstrative can come from evidence in stacks of paper that no jury would ever weed through in one sitting. It is important for us to take this information and create a "Cliff Notes" version of the supporting evidence.