I just want to thank everyone who's emailed me over the past couple years in appreciation of sharing documents, templates and experiences. I truly appreciate your feedback! It is the reason why I've compiled this site and shared so much!

Here are some of the comments I've received:

"Hello Gessica Torolano,

I've just found your website and just had to thank you for publishing. I myself hope to an IA and join Sapient Nitro or similar outfit.
Your templates will allow me to self learn and understand the benchmark of quality required to succeed. 

Thanks again!!!


"Hi Gessica, 

I am very impressed with the content of your website and templates.  Thank you for sharing those so broadly. 

Elissa Thaxton, MBA, PMP
Director, Strategic Services, Care Delivery"


I was checking out your site.  Just wanted to chime in and let you know you have some awesome diagrams.


Dan Smith"

"I snagged a couple of templates from you, I’ll buy you a drink if you’re ever in san diego! Haha.


Corey Peterson"


Hi. I am happily making use of your excellent UX templates and
wondered if you are open to job possibilities in Mountain View, CA?

Rob Ashcom"

"Hi Gessica,


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for sharing your User Interface and IA templates. We are attempting to start incorporating personas into our design process and the work you have done is invaluable. I hope you know how much I (and I’m sure countless others) appreciate your efforts.




Michael Beauchamp"


Just a note to tell you that your site is a great resource! And you have an awesome resume! I was looking for a focus group template and found your site through google. My eyes popped out  when I saw all the other information you've compiled.


Chris Stewart
Strategic Development Consultant"

"Hi Gessica,

I found your template off of Google and I really like the format of your Usability Testing Results Template, pretty awesome setup. 

Kind Regards,