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Time Cycle

"(UTC) IS Universal Time Cycle"--GOD


Time cycle maximum values for each unit(Vmax): Degrees= 360o, Minutes= 70' Seconds= 40"

Time cycle maximum(TCmax)=359o 69' 39" + 1s..


Time cycle grand maximum= 28(TCmax) + 4o 0' 0"


28o = 1day

360o=(360/28) x 1

       =12.857143o or 12 days, 24 hours.

Thus; 1 time cycle is equivalent to 12 days, 24 hours

I discovered that if the time cycle is repeated several times, one ends up with a event calender format; more precisely; the prophetic almanac.

1 cycle=12 days 24 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds(12d 24h 0m 0s)

2 cycles= 2(12)day + 2(24) hrs= 24days + 48 hrs= 25 days + 20 hrs

As each cycle repeats, 1 day is added and 4 hrs is subtracted as shown above:


 1 360 12 24 00 00
 2 720 25 20 00 00
 3 1080 38 16
 00 00
 4 1440 51 12 00 00
 5 1800 64 08 00
 6 2160 77 04 00 00
 7 2520 90 00 00 00


 8 2880 102 24 00 00
 9 3240 115 20 00 00
 10 3600 128 16 00
 11 3960 141 12 00
 12 4320 154 08
 00 00
 13 4680 167 04 00
 14 5040 180
 00 00 00


 15 5400 192 24 00 00
 16 5760 205 20 00 00
 17 6120 218 16 00 00
 18 6480 231 12 00 00
 19 6840 244 08 00 00
 20 7200 257 04 00 00
 21 7560 270 00 00 00


 22 7920 282 24 00 00
 23 8280 295 20 00 00
 24 8640 308 16 00 00
 25 9000 321 12 00 00
 26 9360 334 08 00 00
 27 9720 347 04 00 00
 28 10080 360 00 00 00
 28.31~ 10192 364
 00 00 00

From the table, you notice each quarter is seven(7) cycles ending uniquely in the sense that there is 0 hours, 0 minutes, and 0 seconds. And the end of each quarter is ninety(90) days which is worthy of note with respect to the time machine. Now, the four quarters add up to 360 days in 28 cycles. However, a year is 364 days. I am aware that the time code is 4 as God once made it known to me [Genesis 1:14-19] with emphasis on verse 19. The question remains, how comes the code gets included at the end of the fourth quarter? My answer. My experience with God shows that synchronization and code is required for some major event manifestation. The final 360o cycle synchronizes with 360 days in the fourth quarter. If the code is included before the end of the fourth quarter, would we have a 360 synchronization? When there is planetary alignment or such phenomena, events manifest. Looking at the obsolete calender, I concluded, there is a leap year every four years because the code is outside the orbit. They were trying to get the code into orbit. The knew the laws and most likely why the choose february as 28 to get their 32(or 3:2 ratio) required to activate their time drive. Evil never got its code into orbit, hence the calender never worked for it. Which brings to my attention to the fact that, evil never had a working code, thus; the reason too much conflict in its programs. Lora Croft; Tomb Raider is a movie worthy to watch

Another thing has to do with the planetary time drive. Power starts to build up at 23 hrs and peaks at 3 hrs and subsides at 6 am. I have measured my blood pressure and found that it starts climbing at 23 hrs till it reaches a hypertensive level. I have taken measurements till 3 hrs(GMT+1) but never beyond. Somehow I know it starts to decline. Note: the definition of hypertension is when the blood pressure is consistently high at rest periods. Blood pressure builds up during activities such as exercise or even sexual intercourse. This is normal. It's considered a clinical case only when values fail to drop. The power of God peaks at 3 hrs zone for every longitude. Looking at the position of 3 hrs on the globe is interesting to note with respect to the trajectory of the planet earth. I couldn't find an event that represents the cycles hence, my hypothesis; it has something to do with the sun; a rotational phenomena(Sun cycle?)

I don't know if this is coincidental; nonetheless we know that 18 was a point of contention for the timeline i.e 6+6+6=18=9+9. See ratio 1.5 on timeline post. Now as I was working on a program, I saved it but when I checked, I saved it in a subfolder which was not my intention. There was one other program in that sub-folder. I opened the program and noticed the Bible code in use is John 14:31(Psalm 119:112) My attention was captivated by the Psalms:-My heart is set on keeping your decrees to the very end. So I tried this: 119 + 112=231. Looking at the time cycle; 18 cycles equals 231 days and 12 hours. I wonder, does decrees and degree have anything in common? I also know that the devil was sending out sleep waves globally every 3:00 hrs(GMT+1) in his attempt to prevent Christians from praying. As I said; this could be merely be a coincidence. One other thing. While working on the code 4 days, converting it to hours 4 x 28=112. I wondered about the EU emergency code 112. I know codes like emergency should not be chosen at random hence; who sourced the code; was it from God? 

The first thing I did before I started work on the prophetic almanac was a randomization of the calender with no objective to what I was doing. God however, told a neighbour that I was working on a new calender. And thus, how I began work on the prophetic almanac with no knowledge on how my actions would end in a new event calender program. I have already discussed how I ended up having 364 days in version which I ended because it failed to achieve the desired results within the time span I allocated(see prophetic almanac)

I went into further research and came up with version The file has been enlarging ever since. More notepads e.t.c. I had one problem though. I was not sure of what to use in the stead of day knowing fully well that God had cancelled those out i.e. sun day, moon day e.t.c. I choose to go with the seven spectrum colours. Not being sure if that was appropriate for the goal, I prayed further for guidance. As I was working on the event scheduler, I left the fields open. When I was through and wanted to save; I scrolled to the top and saw the program behaving as if it wanted to crash. I filled in the blanks and clicked save. I opened up the program again and saw it was good.

 Recently; I said why do I have to go through this difficult process of manifesting the prophetic almanac. Why not God give us the program. After all, He personally gave Israel the prophetic almanac they were using; stating from the month they left Egypt

The Lord said to Moses and Aaron in Egypt,  “This month is to be for you the first month, the first month of your year[Exodus 12:1-2 ]

The answer I got back: "In the last days he chose to speak to us through His son[Hebrews 1:2]

Looking back in history I find this interesting enough to make paste. The TV series; Great space coaster was one of my favorites as a kid. I still remember this song to be one of my best and that is! YELLOW ORANGE DAY:


Today is a yellow-orange day

Everything is looking up

I think I'll take my yellow-orange crayon

and draw a yellow-orange buttercup

Today has a yellow-orange feel

Everything is beaming bright

I think I'll fold some yellow-orange paper

And send a yellow-orange plane in flight

So many ways to express my emotions

To say this is a yellow-orange day

I could write a yellow-orange poem

Dance a yellow-orange dance

Bake a yellow-orange cake

Play with yellow-orange clay

Today is a yellow orange sun

Everything is aglow

I think I'll share my yellow-orange feeling

With everybody everywhere I go

And I been feeling in a

yellow-orange day

And yellow-orange is the colour of my song

I hope you are having a

yellow-orange day.


Also the News Segment slogan is hilarious :

There's no ga-news like good ga-news with Gary Gnu

I have seen it. You showed me where 4 is. But I pose this question; where does it manifest? kepler knew where four was however, in his "experiment"  he had to reach 90 degrees to know whether or not he had succeeded. The manifestation could be anywhere, but from experience, Prophecy:"come to pass" events have a point of manifestation. It could be that GOD sets event manifestation at the completion of a cycle. This means 4 could manifest anywhere. Remember a complete cycle is 12 days & 24 hrs. 
When dealing with an anthropomorphic program, can I say: SetTimeout@{come to pass} ?

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