Welcome to Supersmiles by Alpha Dental Centre

Are  you tired of covering your mouth when you laugh in public with foul smelling breath, missing, stained or chipped teeth? It’s the sweet slice of life to celebrate great food with family and friends, but who can really enjoy partying with a foul breath or unsightly smile. Admittedly, a chunk of the population would only visit a dentist when their teeth concerns have already gone to a point beyond repair which result in agonizing pain and embarrassment.  Do you want to look good and gain confidence with your smile again?

We can help you create that confident Smile...

Alpha Dental Centre is a modern private dental clinic who is committed to excellence in dental care by providing the highest quality of care, affordable dental service in  a relaxed atmosphere by an internationally trained dentist. From oral diagnosis to performing general dentistry or specialized procedures,we provide nothing but the best.

In our clinic, we use a variety of barrier techniques for your protection and prevention of cross infection.  These include the use of disposable gloves, masks, cups and protective covering.  All our instruments are disinfected chemically and by autoclave or UV sterilizer.

Alpha Dental is situated in the heart of Quezon City where nightlife and commerce is easily accessible by private and public transport.  Parking space is available in front of the clinic.

We welcome corporate dental health plans. Dental contract with special rate and payment scheme can be arranged.  The agreement form for appointing our clinic as your corporate dentist is available upon request.  Private health care plans from Medicard and Health Partners Dental access and it's affiliate are also accepted.

Alpha Dental specializes in smile makeovers to create that winning Super Smile.