Shigi's Music Depository

I need to find some more webspace because I'm running out, hehe... so for the time being I'm going to upload music here that I've worked on recently for the purpose of linking.  If you've come here looking for the main site, you can find it at  If you're looking for the pop music site, it's still at  Thanks for stopping by!

Laura Shigihara - Kitanai Sekai.mp3   Laura Shigihara - Song for Rye's Hollow Children

Laura Shigihara - Little Fish part1.mp3

Laura Shigihara - Little Fish part 2

Laura Shigihara - Rigor Mormist

Laura Shigihara - Eastern Theme

Laura Shigihara - Strategy

Laura Shigihara - Pizzicato Experiment.mp3

Laura Shigihara - Monopoly cool jazz

Immature picture

some guy with stomach problems

Laura Shigihara - Lighthouses (scratch sample).mp3

Laura Shigihara - blues warmup.mp3

Laura Shigihara - Ultimate Battle 

Laura Shigihara - Loonboon

Laura Shigihara - Watery Graves

Laura Shigihara - Braniac Maniac

Laura Shigihara - Gradius Gravity

Laura Shigihara - fruit doctors     Laura Shigihara - Carya de Mio

Laura Shigihara - The best it can be     Laura Shigihara - Minesweeper North America

Laura Shigihara - Zombies On Your Lawn      Laura Shigihara - Uraniwa ni Zombies ga!

Image files:


The Orderian Engineer's Guild:

OEG - jjimjilbang    OEG - residential     OEG - clock shop     OEG - hikari


Ciro entrance     Ciro main square     Ciro inn and restaurant     Ciro park     Ciro - Ballroom WIP

Ciro inn     Ciro item store     Ciro pet shop     Ciro upstairs


Taezu - Mine     Taezu base - kitchen

New Basho:

Basho - Cave Inn 1     Basho - Cave Inn 2     Basho - Atelo's Grave     Basho - Talking Leeble 1

Basho - Talking Leeble 2     Basho - Farm     Basho - Bakery








shigi cat hat.jpg     LauraShigihara     shigi (jeremy's shoot 2)     shigi (sunflower)

Blue Star - Guard's Clubhouse

Blue Star - boat 1

New Leeble Village 

laura shigihara (blonde)      supershigi    

Achaius     Achaiuslaughing.png   Achaiussurprised.png  Achaiusserious.png     Glider     shigistarglider

Aeroangry.png  Aeronervous.png

Dominic   Dominicclosed.png   Dominicserious.png   Dominicsurprised.png

Doma mini banner 1 Doubt Mob

Doma mini banner 2     Eyes closed

Doma     Go Euphony!

PC Gamer article

Leeble School Hut

Leeble Doctor's Hut

Character banner

Improved LeebleVillage   Orderian Engineers

Chief.png CW.png YM.png Yoonsdad.png Suby.png

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