A Tale in Three Eras

Paragons / Heroes / Anti-Heroes

The history of comic books is long and storied.  Superheroes came out of the Pulp tradition of the 20's and 30's, with talented humans who had a few amazing or mysterious abilities, often crime-fighters or adventurers who sometimes wore costumes to inspire fear among the villainous, or to hide a secret identity, or to cement their heroic identity.

The Pulp age gave way to the Golden Age of comic books: true super-powered beings in colorful costumes who were often idealized as being the peak of human perfection.  The Silver Age created a larger universe, of alien worlds and alternate dimensions, of a large population of superheroes who fought for the right and were always moral and upright, showing few human failings.

The Golden Age and Silver Age comprise the Era of the Paragons.  Book One: Flight tells the story of these Paragons and how they seemed to rise above the ordinary world, embodying an elevated state of being.

Freefall begins in the Golden Age, immediately after World War II, where the Pulp roots are seen very strongly in our protagonists.  The first chapter, the Mysterians, is set in Seattle in 1945-1951, and chronicles how the first Paragons appear and the world is forever changed.