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When a clog develops in your drain, it can be costly to have a plumber come out to unclog it. 

SAVE $ 100's and $1000's 
of Dollars using this, 
                                 Easy as 1, 2, 3,  method!

 Typical costs can be a Hundred dollars or more JUST for the service call alone during regular daytime hours. That cost increases for evening hours, & increases again to time & ½ on Saturday, Sundays are usually a Double Time rate, and Holidays can be a Triple Time Rate. The Service call Does not include the cost of the work to remedy the problem. Only, the drive out to you & to troubleshoot what’s wrong. On average the cost for the work to remedy your problem can range from $300 to as much as $5000 Or more!!
Traditional plungers, drain snakes, and other over the counter plumbing tools are not sufficient enough to handle even the most common drain clogs.  The Super Rooter Plunger Tool 
 is an easy to use, light weight (7.5pounds), one time investment, less messy optionNO PLUMBER NEEDED. No worry of time of day, weekend or holiday rate or availability. It pays for itself the first time you need it and don’t incurre additional costs in damage to your property waiting for the plumber to be available, or the rental shop to be open and have a machine available. 

Try it! You’ll Like it, 
and your Budget will too.
Was  $ 229.95

BUY NOW! & Save $40.00 !

Now Only $189.95!!
Easy as 1, 2, 3,  method!
The licensing rights for this tool  are for sale. 
                   All interested Venture partners 
                  are always welcome to contact us.

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