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Quirk was born in January 2005. While most of the original Quirk collaborators were students at the National Law School of India University in Bangalore, India - the writing and art that graced Quirk's pages came from across India and from other international locales.

Print copies of Quirk's first eight editions were distributed for free. The last known Quirk print edition made an appearance in August 2006. More recently (circa September 2015), an online Quirk has appeared at

: Quirk print editions may be read, downloaded, and shared via the links below. This (manifesting) webpage archives the adventures of Quirk through an experimental deliberative process.
While the multiple archivists/owners bear different relationships with Quirk - editing, writing, illustrations, anarchy, etc. - they do not represent the National Law School of India University or Quirk Magazine.

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Quirk Edition 1: January 2005
Featured Theme: Why Literature?

A Quirky Effort
The Contours of University Literature by Abhayraj Naik
A Hastily-Written Pompous Piece Telling People What To Do (Inspired by Jagannath Iyer) by Satyajit Sarna
500-Plus-Words Without Saying Much by Sidharth Chauhan
Writer's Block by Priyadarshini Kedlaya
Let There Be by Aju John
In Your Head by Cyrilus
Sounds of Silence: On Literature by Suhas Baliga
Racism in the Lord of the Rings by Sriraj Ramesan and Srijoni Sen
A Common-Law Entrance Test? - The case for a common-entrance exam for NLSIU as well as the colleges modeled on it by Sidharth Chauhan
The Asylum at Bergen by Aditya Sudarshan
Untitled by Priyadarshini Kedlaya
Beggary by Kalyani Ramnath
Those Unfinished Sheets by Aju John
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ankur Singla
The Chain Novel by Nandini Ramachandran
Reality by Shubho Banerjee
Yes, I would like to join your venture, but. by Priyadarshini Kedlaya
About Law School... 
Untitled by Deeksha Singh
Arbidness by Nisha Thambi
The Quirk Team
Strawberries in Winter
My Experience by Dorian Persaud
Tennis Exploits by Amogh Basavaraj
Community by Abhayraj Naik
Nairside by Siddharth Nair [Cartoon]

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Quirk Edition 2: April 2005
Featured Theme: The Indifferent College Student

A Few More Quirks
Kerosene in the Water Tank by Aju John
The Indifferent College Student by Raghu
Looking for Indifference by Atreyee
My Grandmother's House by Abu Mathen George
The Shane MacGowan Incident by Rick Monaco
Bards, Sages and Comic Pages: A Look at the Indian Comic Genre by Piya Srinivasan and Asha Susan Titus
Where the Streets Have No Name by Priyadarshini Kedlaya
Backdoor Men by Atreyee
Clark Kent, The Amish Farmer v. Jimmy Dean, The Kryptonian by Ruden [Graphic Art]
Sonnet No. 2 by Arun Sagar
Summer by Arjun Sengupta
Solitude by Ruden [Graphic Art]
Tribute by Arun Sagar
Fanmail by Sandipto
On Leaving Law School by Arun Sagar
What Dreams May Come by Shubho Banerjee
Walking The Edge by Aju John
Sense of Self by Abhayraj Naik
Collaged Hoopla Life by Ashmi Ahluwalia
Lets Talk About Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) by Ankur Singla
The Afghan Girl by Saurabh
Streettheatre by Sidharth Chauhan
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic by Ramanjit Singh Chima
Retrospective: Ten Years Ago -  New Beginning: Tracy Chapman by Thomas John
Nikhil (EP) The Nikhil Korula Band by Thomas John
Kill Bill I by Nisha Thambi
Mistaken Identity: Delta Goodrem by Thomas John
Abbey Road: The Beatles by Arun Sagar

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Quirk Edition 3: June 2005
Featured Theme: 
The Artist and the Critic

Quirk Quirk Quirk: Episode 3
The Hedgehog and the Fox by Abu Mathen George
The Artist and the Critic (Home) by Abhayraj Naik
Bed & Cigarette Pack by Spandan (Photography)
And the Excuse for the Week is That I Slept by Priyadarshini Kedlaya
Art by Tamsin
Mutant Super Hero: A Sketch by Ruden
The Artist and the Critic (Ambrosia Evaporating) by Abhayraj Naik
Dream Boat by Inky P. Stinky
Tsunami Paid Us a Visit by Raghuvaran
'Light' for Richa Roy by Arun Sagar (Photography)
The Sunday Bazaar by Atreyee
Superheroes: Sketches by Ruden
Mysore Mallige by MaNoLiN
The Taste of the Other by Suhas Narasimha Baliga
Live at Leeds - The Who: Review by Arun Sagar
Shove Your Bigotry You by Abhayraj Naik
Pecos by Arun Sagar
Tangerine Man by Priyadarshini Kedlaya
A Book of Names by Raghu S.
Still Life by Arun Sagar (Photography)
A Conversation: A Story Written in the Manner of a Movie Script by Ankur Prahlad Betageri
Water by Arun Sagar (Photography)
Burning Shores and Blazing Spirit by Suhas Baliga
Something to Be: Rob Thomas by Thomas John
Errata: We Apologize!

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Quirk Edition 4: August 2005
Featured Theme:  My Place in Anarchy

At long last....Quirk's July-August edition is here!
Another Step, Another Day: Narratives from NLSIU by Sidharth Chauhan
Untitled by Priyadarshini Kedlaya
My Place in Anarchy by Eashan Ghosh
Manic Multiplicity by Ashmi Ahluwalia
My Way in Anarchy by Abhayraj Naik
My Experiments with Anarchy by Suhas Baliga
The Imaginary Death of A Fictional Humorist by Aju John
Happinesses by Atreyee
Untitled by Shri Singh
Solitude by Sahil Kini
His Relic by Don Kitbor K.M.
Soap-bubbles by Shubho
Wanderings in a Solenoid: An Ode to a Muse (Don't Refuse) by Rishabh Gupta
Garage Blues by Kaustuv Dasgupta
Quirk Crossword 1 by Aditya Dubey
Roots by Ganeev
The Wire by Arun Sagar (Photography)
Inspection by Atreyee
No. 716, 7th Floor Al-Gosaiby Building by Suhas Narasimha Baliga
Faces by Arjun 'Daddy' Rajgopal (Graphic Art)
Great Expectations by Amogh Basavraj
The Fisherman's Dirge by Abhayraj Naik
Grilling: A History by Batman
Untitled by Hemanth M. Rao

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Quirk Edition 5: October 2005
Featured Theme:  New Moralities  

Quirk, Episode V: New Moralities
Discord by Raghu
Eight Bands, One Magazine and Two Cities by Nandini Ramachandran
Undesirables by Shubho
Swim Sujatha Swim! by Abhayraj Naik
The Case of the Raspberry Rhinoceros by Sanhita Ambast
Franz Ferdinand en concert by Arun Sagar
Didi by Aditya Sudarshan
The Convert by Sharan
Smells Like Rain, She Said by Shubho
Quirk Crossword 2 by Aditya Dubey
Counting Down the Days: Natalie Imbruglia by Thomas John
The Waiting Room by Umer Naumana
Behind Stone Eyes by Rishabh Gupta
The Strawberry Dialogue: Text and Subtext

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Quirk Edition 6: December 2005
Featured Theme:  Comfortably Dumb

Half a Dozen Quirks
A Patch of Sky by Amita Basu
Comfortably Dumb (Consolation: it took a while before it became Comfortable) by Priyadarshini Kedlaya
Mad Harold by Aishwarya Subramanian
Big Bear Remembers Kako by Ankur Prahlad Betageri
The Library by Aishwarya Subramanian
Marty by Ganesh
Quirk Crossword 3
Amora and the Assassin by Pixie

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Quirk Edition 7: April 2006
Featured Theme:  Luxury's Lap

In Luxury's Lap
Best of Quirk
Looking for the Poet
On the Way by Nandini Ramachandran
Niroo by Atreyee
Shivaji and Democracy Deficit by Ananth Padmanabhan and Aju John
Edward by Anon
Red Snow by Samrat Singh
All Alone on an April Night by Tropical Fool
A Conversation in Thin Air by Shubho Banerjee
Best of Quirk: The Asylum at Bergen by Aditya Sudarshan
Best of Quirk: Another Step, Another Day: Narratives from NLSIU by Sidharth Chauhan
Best of Quirk: Arbidness by Nisha Thambi
Best of Quirk: Community by Abhayraj Naik
Best of Quirk: The Imaginary Death of A Fictional Humorist by Aju John
A Question of Class by Amita Basu
Will it be an English Summer? by Don Kitbor
Howl of Protest Against the Liberties of Those who Experiment with Verse Libre by Henry (NLS)
A Mercurial Temper by Amita Basu
A Chicken Runs by Mr. Jack Sparrow
Shifting Sands by Aju John
Book Review: The Historian, Elizabeth Kostova by Srijoni Sen
Where are the Loons? by The Empress of Blandings (NLS)
Keira Knightley: Pride and Prejudice - Reviewed by the Powerpuff Girls (NLS)
A Hinge in the Middle by Atreyee
Thanmatra by Aju John
How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild and Got a Life by Kaavya Vishwanathan: Reviewer: Piglet (NLS)
Ode to a Peppermint Cream (or Any other Form of Mint) by Henry (NLS)

Edition 7 (poor scan version) available here

Quirk Edition 8: August 2006
Featured Theme: Rain In My Roots

Greetings, O dedicated Reader
The Dress by Blueberry Pop Tart
Rein In My Roots: A Rocktimist's Word: Showing the Eagles a Little Love by Nandini Ramachandran
Our Judges [Quirk Poetry Contest]
Some Poetry FAQ Yous by Vivek Narayanan
Get Specific! by Anjum Hasan
1st Prize: Bodies Want to Fit by Ishita Basu Mallik
1st Prize: Cremation by Satyajit Sarna
Yellow Green by Aishwarya Subramanian
Loose - Nelly Furtado by Thomas John
Rain in My Roots by Abhayraj Naik
Superstars, Duds, Wannabes and Redemption: Predictions by Don Kitbor
They Also Write Who Judge by Sumati Dwivedi
II Prize: In My Eyes: An English Ghazal by Manish Bhatt
III Prize: The Aspirated 'H' by Aditya Verma
Inayat by Samrat Singh
The Hitchhiker by Vinod George Joseph by Mekubal
Sebastian by Aishwarya Subramanian
The Manchurian Candidate by Varun Rajiv
The Deviant Artist by Gautam Bhatia
"Never Let me Go": Kazuo Ishiguro's Tale of Deceptive Simplicity by Karan Lahiri
Poetry that doesn't rhyme by Chaitanya Ramachandran
Collapse by Don Kitbor
Trainspotting by Sol
Quirk Crossword 4
Henry Begins by Francis Buchanan
Hybrid by Shailaja Dixit
Fuck 377 by Akhil Katyal

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