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DAZ and Tile Sets

2014: Should complete the batch of Spaceship 5x7 tiles and post soon.  And the Mall Tiles that are marked below as "not yet complete".
2013: fell asleep.
2012: Mall Tiles of 1200x1200pixel pictures, not yet complete.
Mall Tiles, to be completed. Joins with Street Tiles.
2012: Modern Tile Set of 1200x1200pixel pictures, not yet complete.
Set to be completed.
2011 -2012: Giant Dungeon Tile Set of 1200x1200pixel pictures, now on RpgMapShare, including tiles by Maxxx, Bogie, and Mercutio. See Dundjinni forums for details. Below is the contact sheet....

Scrolls Set on Dundjinni foums.

26/6/10 - Glowstick set. (As with the other sets the individual  items are on RpgMapshare.)

SCUBA Set 1. First batch of many DAZ figures. Many are based on 3D model work thanks to Anthony Appleyard.

Vent Cowls. Wanted these a year ago when I was thinking of making a ship map. Now that I have them I'll need to try again!


Some DAZ stuff I've created. These are just contact sheets. Individual items on RpgMapshare.