Welcome to SuperProBono,
 Hope that you find something of interest (eventually).
The site may eventually have:
  • Sets of Game Tiles, or at least notes on them. The actual sets, being huge, will be on Dundjinni and RpgMapShare.
  • Students Homework assignments (none now, due to becoming an austerity measure).
  • Sets of Game rules.
  • Links.
 ProBono, as imagined by Totte Alm.
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November 2012:
Nearly at the stage of completing the initial run of the Bunker Tile Set.
October 2012: Put a set of SpaceShip Tile Set on RpgMapShare. Not complete, will need to go back some  day.
24th May 2012 - Added the Modern Streets Tile Sets made from the Dundjinni Modern Streets Art Pack.
Like the Dungeon Tiles, these will eventually end up on RpgMapShare.
Did many Girls With Guns. Eventually ended up with Gladiators and even Napoleonic figures. made in DAZ.
2011 -2012: At last did something, the Dungeon Tile Set (see DAZ Sets  link on sidebar).  Must try to use this webpage more...

28/3/10 - Well, new site, best intentions, but three months without even looking here, so will need to do something over Easter!

Thought I'd play with to see if I could produce my favourite alchohol-fueled robot.

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Started on 31st December 2009, after previous webpages died a death with Yahoo Geocities. At first glance it appears easier to use.

Which obviously fitted in rather easily...
Must now start getting some files into order for uploading.  Back soon(ish)!