The game that will have you exploding out of your seat!  

 SUPERNOVA was created by

  • Jane Lee
    Disney obsessed Photoshop Goddess

    •  Pedro Martinez
      Loves to explode & will make YOU explode too


    • John Sumandal
      Tall, Dark, & Sexy!
      (When the lights are off.)

    • Mike Sannitti 
      The face of SUPERNOVA!



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    ( Card Questions ) 

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    Print out all the card designs and questions on paper. Make sure they line up before cutting and pasting them together to make game cards.

      The Rules Of... 


      The Game That Will Have You Exploding Out of Your Seat!

      Supernova should be experienced by people ages 14 and up. 
      A crew of 2-6 people are allowed to experience the Supernova.

      The Celestial Beginning:
      In order to play this game, there must be at least 2 players. You are given the game pieces, the colored star-pieces, 5 different categories of cards, a die, and the game board.  Players roll the die to see who goes first. The player with the highest number rolled goes first. The turns proceed counterclockwise after that.

      The Universal Goal:
      The objective of this game is to be the first one to reach the center Core of the star and conquer it. The Core is designated by the yellow space in the center of the game board. In order to get to the Core of the Star, you must proceed through both the outer, Red level and the inner, multicolored level. The path you must take will now be discussed.
      In the game layout, there are three different levels of the board spaces. There is a red, multicolored, and a yellow level. You must progress through the outer- red level FIRST. As you progress through the game, you will eventually go to the second multicolored layer, but that comes later!

      The Journey begins at the “Red Energy Level”:
      Beginning at START, you must roll the die to determine how many spaces you will move. You will proceed COUNTERCLOCKWISE around the board. Each turn consists of one dice roll and the drawing of a card. On your turn, ONE OF YOUR OPPONENTS must draw and read the card for you. You will then do whatever is on the card for a chance to win a Star Piece. While on the “Red energy level” section of the game board, you are allowed to choose whichever color category card you want.
      In your turn, a card must be drawn from one of the five color decks of your choice.

      The turn ends when you have either successfully or unsuccessfully completed the task on the card. Upon successfully completing the card's task, you are awarded a star piece that corresponds with the color of the card. If you are unsuccessful with the card task, your turn ends and you do not receive the star piece. Remember, to jump to the next energy level, you must collect at least one of each of the colors.

      Perpetuate your Trek through the multicolored energy level:
      In order to gain access to the multicolored inner level, you must follow these two conditions.

      1. You must successfully collect all 5 of the star pieces (one of each color).  
      2. You must make a complete revolution of the board (pass start  just once).
      As soon as both of these conditions are met, then you may place your game piece onto ANY SPACE of your choice on the multicolored level. Proceed to go counter-clockwise.

      In the multicolored level, you draw from the deck that matches the color of the space you land on. In order to advance to the CORE, you must recollect the five different color star pieces in the multicolored level, but it is not necessary to complete one revolution around the board. 

      Once in the CORE, you must collect all five star pieces once more to successfully conquer the CORE. In the CORE, on your turn, you do not have to roll…you have the choice of what card you want to draw.  The player that reaches the core of the star AND obtains the final 5 star pieces is the WINNER of the game! 

      The Diverse Dimensions
      On your turn, one of your opponents picks up and reads the card to you. There are 5 different dimensions of cards in the game, each with a different category. Each category of the card piles requires something different from the player at hand. The five categories are:

      BRIGHT STAR (Academic): Trivia that tests your academic knowledge.  

       STAR BURST (Truth): Questions that will have you revealing your "deepest and darkest" secrets! General consensus needed for star piece award.

      SHOOTING STAR (Challenges): Battle against another player! The star piece is up for grabs! The winner of the challenge is rewarded. 


      SUPER STAR (Physical Feats): Fun little physical challenges that some may find embarrassing or impossible! 

      ROCK STAR (Pop Culture): Trivia that tests your knowledge of celebrities and pop culture.

      Overall consensus and fair-judgment are assumed to be the final say in the decisions of whether or not the star piece is awarded.

      Miscellaneous Space Junk

      • Scattered throughout the decks are “Random Cards”. These treats can either hurt or help you! Read the directions on each card.