Development Sub-Committee (Ad Hoc)

Committee Chair:  Pam Spayde

Issue #1 & #2:

February 6, 2014 City Of Houston Planning Commission

Video Link to relevant discussions on Variance request for Grovewood Manor Sec 1 and Timbergrove Heights

Issue #1: Platting Activity D:  Item 136  Grovewood Manor Sec 1                   Time stamp: 9:28 – 46:05 & 46:23 – 47:57

·       Initial motion made by Comm. Asakura and 2nd by Comm. Zakaria for a decorative, transparent fence of no more than 4 ft. (t.s. 30:50).

·       After much discussion and the applicant stating they could not agree to a 4 ft. fence without consulting with the developer (t.s. 38:35), Comm. Zakaria withdrew his 2nd (t.a. 41:00) and the motion died.

·       New motion made by Comm. Davis and 2nd by Comm. Tartt called for a decorative, transparent fence of no more than 6 ft. (t.s. 43:21).  Motion passed 11 vs. 4 with 1 abstention.


Issue #2: Platting Activity F: Item 149  Timbergrove Heights                             Time stamp: 6:23 – 29:18

·         Discussion re: whether there is a bike lane, bike route or just a shoulder on 12th St.  Eventually was determined to be a bike route.

·         Staff indicated that the plat being presented was “old” and that the recording of the access easement (the shared driveways that the interior homes will use) will be recorded on a separate instrument.

·         Applicant stated they did not see any need for on-street parking along 12th St.

Issue #3: Chemical Feed Station at 11th Street & Bryce Street

Issue #4: Low Water Pressure

Issue #5: Ella Blvd and West TC Jester Traffic Studies for excessive speeding.