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A Houston Texas super neighborhood is a geographically designated area where residents, civic organizations, institutions and businesses work together to identify, plan, and set priorities to address the needs and concerns of their community. The boundaries of each super neighborhood rely on major physical features (bayous, freeways, etc.) to group together contiguous communities that share common physical characteristics, identity or infrastructure.

The super neighborhood elects a council comprised of area residents and stakeholders that serves as a forum to discuss issues and identify and implement priority projects for the area.

About Super Neighborhood 14 (Lazybrook / Timbergrove)

Demographics, Land Use Map & Resource Assessment

SNC-14 meets bi-monthly (2nd Thursday): April 11th, June 13th

Our SNC-14 bi-monthly public meetings will be held at the Lazybrook Baptist Church, 1822 W. 18th Street, from 6:15 p.m.

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  • Next SNC-14 Meeting held Thursday, April 11th, -- 6:15 p.m. , at Lazybrook Baptist Church, 1822 W. 18th Street             SUPER NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL 14⦁ Welcome and Introductions (5 minutes)⦁ Approval of the Minutes – December, 2018 (5 minutes)⦁ Resignation and Vote to replace current President (5 minutes)⦁ Review of 2019 Project List (30 minutes)⦁ DRAINAGE⦁ Comprehensive Traffic & Drainage Study⦁ Trunk lines and Detention⦁ Desilting White Oak Bayou – HCFCD Project⦁ Major Thoroughfare Issues – 11th street maintenance & paving⦁ Bond Projects⦁ CI-011 Feasibility Study Hidden Lake Townhomes⦁ CI-030 Turkey Gully⦁ CI-033 General Drainage Improvements along E105-00-00⦁ TRAFFIC⦁ Traffic Study – Speed humps. Second Phase East of Ella Blvd.⦁ Traffic Study – Minimax Drive and Salford Drive⦁ TIRZ 12 – Traffic Light at 18th and E. TC Jester⦁ Hike and Bike Connectivity⦁ Curb repair throughout our neighborhoods⦁ GREEN SPACE⦁ FEMA Lots & Pocket Parks ...
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  • SNC-14 meeting (ad hoc), held March 14th, 2019 - 6:00 p.m.     The SNC-14 meeting (ad hoc) was held March 14, 2019 - 6:00 p.m.,       Kojaks Cafe     1912 W. 18th Street      Houston, TX 77008   The meeting is an ad hoc meeting to reconnect with all of the delegates and officers of SNC-14 before the official SNC-14 meeting on Thursday, 4/11/19    
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  • SNC-14 Meeting was held Thursday, December 13th, 2018 SNC-14 Meeting was Thursday, December 13th,  -- 6:15 p.m. , at Lazybrook Baptist Church, 1822 W. 18th Street.AGENDA FOR THE DECEMBER 2018 MEETING       Requested Guests·        Jack Valinski- COH Department of Neighborhoods Actionable Items·           Appove the draft for October 2018 meeting minutes·           2019 SN-14 meeting location- stay or move·           West End Downtown Redevelopment Update·           Large Scale Park Discussion w/COH Parks Committee ·           Needing Volunteer to champion advocating for new HISD schools to accommodate all the new development·           Novemeber 26 meeting w/ Mayor Turner regarding Timbergrove/Lazybrook drainage and flooding·           Hydraulic calculations for trunk lines·           Development Updates·           TXDOT Meeting w/ Ben Crabb Dec. 17th·           Notice of 11th Street Park name change·           Update on Air Alliance Houston Health Impact ...
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  • Neighborhood Newsletters      Newsletters are a great source to catch up on neighborhood news.        Timbergram TMCC        Lazybrook        Nextdoor Website        Timbergrove Manor Neighborhood Association website
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  • Area Crime Map     Up to date daily area crime can now be viewed at the "Security"  page under "Committees."
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  • Meeting Minutes     · 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011  Board Minutes are available for viewing at the "Records" page.· Membership Listing available for viewing at the "Directory" page.· SNC By-Laws and Business Development available for viewing at the "Resource Center" page.
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