Tadpole Pond


  • 1 Sleepy Bomb

  • 1 Energizer

  • Froggie Stick (2nd visit)

First Visit

Upon entering Tadpole Pond, run up to the stone that triggers the cutscene, but for a small camera manipulation, run around the rock to the right and then back to the rock.

(video credit: Mill)

In the conversation with the tadpoles, they will require you to jump, so make sure to mash B as well. Jump over to Frogfucius' sanctuary, and mash through the text. You want to choose the 2nd option when you are given the choice. Other than that, you can mash A.

After jumping back across the pond, go up to the shops in the top left.

Talk to the left tadpole:

The Energizer will be used during Bowyer fight, the Sleepy Bomb will be used on Gunyolk.

(video credit: Pidge)

Second Visit

[CAMERA: Jump onto the stone that triggers the tadpoles, instead of walking onto it]

Go talk to Frogfucius to get the Froggie Stick. After getting it, talk to him again to unlock Star Hill.

(video credit: Mill)