Sunken Ship


  • Flower (optional)
  • 1 Kerokerokola
  • Safety Ring

Level Ups:

  • Mario [9]: ATK (after second Bandana Red fight)
  • Geno [9]: ATK (after Kalimari)
  • Bowser [10]: HP (after second Bandana Red fight)
  • Mallow [8]: HP (after second Bandana Red fight)
  • Peach [11]: SP (after Johnny fight)


  • King Calamari
  • Bandana Red (x2)
  • Johnny Jones

This section introduces Super Jumps.

- Take the left door

- Head straight through the next 2 rooms, avoid encounters

- Get Flower behind crates in the stair room if you have less than 28

***NOTE*** If you are just learning the game for the first time and can't do Super Jumps yet, but want to progress past Johnny to get to Monstro Town, you can get the 100 coin chest at the bottom of the stairway and buy 2-3 Maple Syrups from the Shaman. You will then kill Johnny later on by attempting Super Jumps a whole bunch of times and restoring your FP whenever you run out.

- Continue to Password room

Hit pattern:

0 3 2

4 2 0

If you mess up the password, the password is すいぞくかん or pearls (from bottom left around to top left relative to entrance)

- Take the top path.

- If you mess up the positioning of the Mario Clone, run into the bottom left corner, and run in place facing cardinal left into the corner for a few seconds to reset him to the other side of the room.

- Then run up and right along the left side wall to jump on him.

- To avoid Kippers in the stairway room, immediately move right toward the stairs.

- There is a chance he will trap you in a corner and you won't be able to escape without fighting him. If you don't have a safety save, have Geno use a Fire Bomb. This will mess up your EXP route and recovery from this is not currently known.

- Get the Safety Ring in the hidden room behind the barrels in the Bloober Room.




Bowser -> Peach

Mario & Geno swap accessories (Amulet (ブッキーのおまもり) on Geno)

Peach: Safety Ring (セーフティーリング)

- Continue to the Bandana Reds.

BOSS BATTLE: BANDANA RED (120 HP each) x2 battles

Party: Mario, Peach, Geno


Mario: Unarmed, Work Pants (ばっちいパンツ), Exp. Booster (あなたをこえたくて)

Peach: Work Pants (ばっちいパンツ), Safety Ring (セーフティーリング)

Geno: Work Pants (ばっちいパンツ), Amulet (ブッキーのおまもり)

Turn 1:

Peach: Fire Bomb (かえんだま)



Mario & Geno swap accessories (Exp. Booster (あなたをこえたくて) on Geno)

Geno & Peach swap accessories (Exp. Booster (あなたをこえたくて) on Peach)



Mario & Peach swap accessories (Amulet (ブッキーのおまもり) on Peach)

- Return to Seaside Town.