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Seaside Town

1st Visit

  • Exp Booster
  • 1 Bad Mushroom (ideally)
  • 2 Fright Bomb
  • 6 or 7 Fire Bombs
  • 6 or 8 Ice Bombs

- Talk to Fake Elder (upper right house)
- Buy Experience Booster from Frog Disciple on top floor

Buy Exp. Booster (あなたをこえたくて)

- Head to leftmost door of left side building with 3 doors
- Talk to the guy behind the counter (facing toward you)

Seaside Town - Menu (no box/red ess)

Mario: Unequip weapon
Mario: Exp. Booster (あなたをこえたくて) (select his accessory, hover over Bowser's Accessory, then swap with EXP Booster)
Bowser: Unqeuip accessory
Geno: Unequip weapon, equip Amulet (ブッキーのおまもり)
Peach: Unequip weapon, swap armor with Mallow (Polka Dress (
ラブラブドレス) on Mallow to get Work Pants (ばっちいパンツ) on Peach)
Mallow: Unequip weapon
3 Ice Bombs (こおりだま)
1 Fright Bomb (びびりだま)
Sell Items
All Honey Syrups (ハニーシロップ)
All Pick Me Ups (ふっかつドリンク)
All Able Juices (リフレッシュジュース)
1 Flower Tab (フラワーカプセル)
1 Flower Jar (フラワーカプセル)
Goodie Bag (ふくぶくろ)
1 Ice Bomb (こおりだま)
3 Fire Bombs (かえんだま)
1 Fright Bomb (びびりだま)
1 Bad Mushroom (どくキノコ) (if coins available)
Sell Equips   All
Sell Items 1 Flower Box (フラワーギフト)
Buy 2 Ice Bombs (こおりだま)
2 Fire Bombs (かえんだま)
Sell Items
Wallet (サイフ)
(Flower Box (フラワーギフト), if available)
(Red Essence (レッドヨッシーエキス), if available)
1 Fire Bomb (かえんだま)
(1 Fire Bomb (かえんだま), if you sold a Red Essence)
(2 Ice Bombs (こおりだま), if you sold a 2nd Flower Box)

Here is a video of Verniy doing the Seaside Menu as outlined above.

- Leave and head to the Sea.

2nd Visit

  • 1 Flower Box
  • Troopa Shell
  • Hurly Glove
  • Double Punch

- Choose the top option when speaking to Yaridovich.
- Follow him to the coast of Seaside Town.


Party: Mario, Peach, Geno
Mario: Work Pants (ばっちいパンツ)Exp. Booster (あなたをこえたくて)
Peach: Work Pants (ばっちいパンツ), Amulet (ブッキーのおまもり)
Geno: Work Pants (ばっちいパンツ)Safety Ring (セーフティーリング)

- Turn 1:
- Geno: Timed Boost (ジーノウェーブ) Peach
- Mario: Defend
- Shocker (かみなりドッカン) (237)
- Turn 2:
Geno: Timed Boost (ジーノウェーブ) self
- Mario: Mid Mushroom (スーパーキノコ) Geno (unless Water Blast missed Geno, in which case you defend)
- Peach: Shocker (かみなりドッカン)
- Turn 3:
Geno: Fire Bomb (かえんだま) (or Ice Bomb (こおりだま) if you want to save Fire Bomb for axems) if Mario is alive; Kerokerocola (ケロケロドリンク) otherwise
- Mario: Kerokerocola (ケロケロドリンク) if alive
- Peach: Shocker (かみなりドッカン)
- Turn 4:
Geno: Fright Bomb (びびりだま) if Fire or Ice already used; Fire (or Ice) otherwise
- Mario: Defend (こおりだま)
- Peach: Shocker (かみなりドッカン)
- Turn 5:
Geno: Fright Bomb (びびりだま) if a Fright Bomb hasn't already been used; Defend otherwise (you can also Geno Beam if you mistimed any Shockers)
- Mario: Defend (こおりだま)
- Peach: Shocker (かみなりドッカン)


- Shocker should do 237 damage - if it does less, it was mistimed. Shocker is a 6 frame timing window around when the sound effect ends (~3 seconds after selecting the target)

- Get Shed Key, go to shed, and automatically receive Flower Box
- Go to Elder's house and talk to Elder
- Go to shop (middle door of left building with 3 doors)

Buy Troopa Shell (パタパタこうら)
Hurly Glove (ぶんなげグローブ)
Double Punch (スーパーダブルパンチ)
Sell Items All Mushrooms (キノコ)
1 Flower Box (フラワーギフト)
Equip Mario: Troopa Shell (パタパタこうら)
Geno: Double Punch (
Peach & Geno swap accessories (Amulet on Geno)

- Go to Land's End.