Rose Way

Rose Way is a very short stage, but you can easily game over if you get into an encounter. The Bandits are very tough and will go first. Avoid them at all costs.

1st screen:

Jump on the yellow block and ride it two times. You can jump while it is moving and land as soon as it stops to trigger it to move to the next stop.

Change blocks 2 times. When you get to the top left corner, ride the yellow block back across the pond to the top right.

Grab the 10 coin along the way. I find the timing for grabbing this coin later than expected.

(video credit: Mill)

2nd screen:

Run through the bushes to get by the bandits. I jump over each of them for safety. If you hesitate at all, the 2nd jump can be tricky.

(video credit: Mill)

3rd screen:

Jump on the block and ride it down to the bottom right, grabbing the 10 coin above one of the stops.

(video credit: Mill)

4th screen: Hit 2 of the 5-coin chests here twice each (4 coins total). You can hit them more if you are low on coins and haven't freebied many Honey Syrups to sell later.

5th screen: Trigger cutscene, leave for Rose Town.

(video credit: pidge)