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Rose Town

2 Fearless Pins
3 Flowers
2 Frog Coins

-Upon entering, hold right. You will walk directly to the shop with the chimney. Go down the chimney, collect the flower. Go to the top of the shop and collect the hidden Frog Coin. Talk to the pink Toad and buy 2 Fearless Pins. 

 Buy 2 Fearless Pins (きょうふふせぎバッジ)

-Leave the shop and go to the house on top of the hill. Grab the 2 flowers, go upstairs, and grab the frog coin hidden on top of the bed. Do not hit the switch. Leave that house and go to the inn. 
-While talking to Gaz, tell him you are not Mario (bottom option) and it will save a textbox and jumping animation.

You have approximately 70 seconds when Mario faints to do whatever. This is the longest cutscene in the game with no required inputs.

-When Gaz is arguing with his mother, you cannot leave until a certain point in the dialogue. Go to Forest Maze.