Nimbus Land

Visit 1


    • Mega Glove
    • Mid Mushroom (optional)
    • Maple Syrup (optional)
    • Pick-Me-Up (optional)
    • Able Juice
    • Feather
    • Flower Jar (optional)
    • Flower (optional)

Level Ups:

  • Mario [14]: SP (after star)
  • Bowser [13]: HP (after Valentina)


    • Birdo
    • Valentina

- Head to the shop.




2 Mid Mushrooms (スーパーキノコ) if you have a high coin count (from missing wiggler jumps, etc)

1 Maple Syrup (メイプルシロップ) if you have a high coin count

1 Pick Me Up if you don't have any (ふっかつドリンク)

1 Able Juice (リフレッシュジュース)

Mega Glove (でかパンチグローブ)

Mario: Mega Glove (でかパンチグローブ), Attack Scarf (ジャンパースカーフ)

Mario & Geno swap armor (Work Pants (ばっちいパンツ) on Geno)

Geno & Bowser swap accessories (Troopa Pin (パタパタくんしょう) on Bowser)

Geno: Amulet (ブッキーのおまもり)

Peach: Exp. Booster (あなたをこえたくて)

- Go to Garro's house (upper right)

- Talk to Mallow statue from the upper left

- Talk to Garro from the front

- Dodo minigame: Jump when his helmet covers his eyes. Don't do it too soon on the final jump. He will fight you if he catches you twice.

- Get Feather (ドドのはね)

- Hop over gap and then run along rightmost tiles in next room with enemies

- In room right before key, hug lower walls

- Get Castle Key from cloud guy in upper left (Can talk to blue cloud guy for a Flower Jar if you really need more FP)

- During return trip in next room, hold up + left

- For Heavy Troopa room, run in a "V" shape, jump over Shaman, and open door (you want to skip the Heavy Troopa guarding the door)

Here is Justin's movement for getting through the troopa room without stopping.

- Go left of Birdo egg

- In fan room, hold Y going in (but don't move). When it loads, tap right, then full jump up and right over him

- If you REALLY messed up Land's End star, just fight the fan instead

- For fork man, get as close to the form as possible, then as soon as it retracts, run up + right

Helpful image for Fan Skip:


- For blue bird room with save point, hold up until corner, then down right until next corner, then up right

- In star room, quick down right to avoid first bird

- Get Star (5 exp per enemy), kill 6 Blue Birds + Dodo (7 Blue Birds + Dodo if you missed the second Geckit on the bottom floor of Land's End)

- Return to Nimbus Land town square for Valentina battle

- Cutscenes, leave through top door

- Grab flower where star used to be if you have less than 28 or if you want 31 for Countdown

- Go straight right in hot springs room and jump over the water

Visit 2

- Left path getting back to Throne Room

- [CAMERA: Slight up right, the hold right going into the cutscene with the King & Queen]


Nimbus Manip

- [Go back to the save point near where you fought Dodo and save if you are doing Nimbus manip (ignore if doing Mario's Pad)]

[- Save & soft reset if you are doing Nimbus manip]

EASY VERSION (70 frames slower than Hard Version):

Flowchart (J) | Flowchart (U)

If you're not comfortable with audio cues, follow Claude's setup video

HARD VERSION (70 frames faster than Easy Version, and gives a better setup for factory wrong warp)

Follows the same principles as the easy Nimbus Manip, but it's a bit tighter to reach the frame window.

Here's a quick demonstration that showcases an easy visual cue:

Another image of an alternate visual cue:

Here's swinch's full video tutorial:

And pastebin explaining the details: (This is "Method 2" as described in his pastebin)

This is an image of the flowchart:

HARDEST VERSION (Saves ~140 frames over the "EASY" method)

- This requires both optimal movement getting to the Royal Bus, as well as either a turbo controller or very good text advancement. This is the fastest known method, and also guarantees the Wrong Warp regardless of which frame you enter on.



Pastebin explaining the details: (This is "Method 1" as described in his pastebin)

And that covers Nimbus Manipulation (for now). If you wish to create your own manip, check out swinch's spreadsheet: