Mushroom Kingdom

1st visit

Head straight to the shop.

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Head to the castle.

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Get the hidden Frog Coin above the door in the first area of the castle.

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When you exit the castle, move Down right, down for optimal camera movement.

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After getting Mallow, walk in center of walkway and jump constantly until reaching Toad.

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2nd visit

When coming from Bandit's Way, hover over Mushroom Way before entering Mushroom Kingdom. Then run in a straight line until the Shyster standing beside the doorway in the first area of the castle.

If you get into any inescapable encounters with Shysters, it's up to you if you want to continue or reset. The Land's End star later on may have unexpected animation pauses which can mess up your EXP route late game if your party's EXP is not exactly as expected by the route.

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In the antechamber, you can either wait to make sure the Shysters do not bounce into the middle path.

Or you can use an audio cue (walk cardinal up until you hear the second bounce sound, then make a cardinal right, then walk through the door) to guarantee not getting hit.

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Perform Mack Skip.

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Walk in a straight line to exit the Mushroom Kingdom via the left exit. Do not get Cricket Pie.

3rd visit

Get Cricket Pie on your way to the castle.

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(If you did not get enough flowers on Booter Hill, grab the two chests in the basement.)

(If you planned to return the wallet to make up a Frog Coin deficit, return the Wallet to the blue Toad and receive a Flower Tab. Talk to him again for the Frog Coin.)

Go through cutscenes. Exit the castle.

After the "Mario!" textbox, where Peach begins her descent after escaping the castle, go back inside the castle, then leave, then go talk to her. Leave through the left exit.

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