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Monstro Town

  • Attack Scarf
  • Super Suit

There's not much to cover here.

Upon entering, if you have successfully done 100 Super Jumps, go to the 2nd door to receive the Attack Scarf (ジャンパースカーフ) and Super Suit (スーパージャンパー) from the K-9 (I do this first so I don't forget).
After getting the equipment, leave and go into the first door. Go upstairs first and talk to the starslap. Go back downstairs and talk to Monstermama. She will unlock the next area on the map, Bean Valley. 

You must travel back through the Land's End Temple and scale the mountain using the Sky Troopas. 

100 Super Jumps backup
If you failed to do 100 Super Jumps on Johnny and Belome 2, you can go to the dojo and fight Jagger. SJ's do zero damage to him but still count for the super suit, and you can run away from the battle when you run out of FP, which automatically fully restores your HP and MP. You can re-enter this fight as many times as you want until you get 100 SJs.